Four to Dinner: a Sweet Romantic Comedy With Two Couples That Explores the Concept of Soulmates!


David Mudd

A happily married couple debates the possibility of soulmates whatever that term actually means in Four to Dinner, also known as 4 metà, an Italian romantic comedy reminiscent of Sliding Doors which got released on Jan 05, 2022, on Netflix.

We discover how the different seasons of existence call for different companions and how the concept of “soulmates” actually plays on who we eventually wind up with by partnering up with four among their single friends while telling varied versions of the same experiences in the Netflix film.

Everybody has come across both sorts of individuals in life: many who think that fate or soulmates exist, and those that don’t. There at end of the day, it really boils down to convenience whereas the rest of us try to determine which of the other makes much more sense.

So, let’s see how the movie carried the whole story.

A Complex Storyline!

Four to Dinner

It starts with Flavio Furno and Marta Gastini‘s characters, Luca and Sara, a young married couple who invite some of their coupled friends over there to discuss whether or not soulmates exist over pizza plus wine. Then, this empty discussion transitions into a memory that attempts to investigate the idea of a soulmate itself.

The audience found this to be too sudden because they were unable to comprehend what had actually occurred.

Four key characters—Dario, portrayed by Giuseppe Maggio, and Matteo, played by Matteo Martari—are introduced to us from the flashbacks. These two unmarried men meet Chiara, played by Ilenia Pastorelli, as well as Guilia, played by Matilde Gioli. Despite the fact that everyone seems to have a different perspective as well as persona.

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The Married couple intends to connect the pairs with people they think will make ideal matches. At first, we witness Dario and Giulia flirty click, whereas Matteo and Chiara fall head over heels in love with the movie. Nevertheless, we switch to another before we become too engrossed in these two pair’s love stories.

In Four to Dinner, it is suggested that there may be more than one type of soulmate and also that our necessity changes depending on the stage of life we are in. The switching between every love story appears as a more perplexing process than seeing a worthwhile one, although, by the conclusion, we’re left wondering a little bit what it was so much for. Regrettably, the film’s structure doesn’t really do many benefits.

Cast Delivered Stunning Performance!

Four to Dinner

If we set aside the writing and the frequent switching, the casting, especially the four people at the core of this whole thing, are fantastic, bringing authentic emotion and pleasant laughter to both their moments together and apart. Be it searing chemistry or restrained strong feelings, every one of the couples contributes something distinctive and appealing to the mix.

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Even though everyone in the movie was fantastic, Matilde Gioli’s portrayal of Giulia, a fiery, outspoken lady who adds a unique energy to every interaction is the most compelling.

It’s fascinating to watch her interact with both of the romantic partners in this situation, especially given how differently they each enhance Gioli’s performance. She fluctuates between being reserved and snarky and breaking down over just a pizza.

No Relationship Is Perfect!

Four to Dinner

Luca encourages the two couples to accompany them on the roof as the film comes to a close. And obviously, the other people are curious about who managed to end up dating whom.

But Luca made clear from the beginning of ‘Four to Dinner’, stressing once more that suitability is not the only factor in partnerships. It was more about the time and effort one put into maintaining relationships, handling the challenges life presents, and relying on your partner’s resolve to grow stronger as a couple.

The fact is that nobody is meant for only one individual. So the movie doesn’t exactly reveal who the true couples are like when Matteo, Chiara, Dario, as well as Giulia finally eventually join them.

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The main message of the entire film is there was no such idea as an “ideal” relationship, which ties through into bigger themes such as love, uncertainty, and life in general.

Trailer of Four to Dinner!

Let’s enjoy the four people testing out the real meaning behind the word ‘Soulmate’, in this amazing trailer.


Who directed Four To Dinner?

The movie was directed by Alessio Maria Federici.

What is the IMBD rating of the film?

The IMBD rating of the film ‘Four To Dinner’ is 6.3/10.

Which Studio produced the movie?

The movie was produced by Cattleya, which is the same studio behind the hit series Gomorra.


There is rarely room for any further developments because the concept of determining whether someone is your soulmate has been converted into such a convoluted game of flip and toss. The major intention is to create some mystery about who is who, and then after the tedious first half, one truly misses the sense of what is going to happen.

The movie has a very self-reflective tone that permeates all of the various realities. The absolute open-ended is the best part of this platter of switches which offers the uncertain climax.