Four To Dinner: A Netflix Film of strangeness In Love Relationships


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Four to Dinner is a 2022 Italian Netflix film directed by Alessio Maria Federici, written by Martino Coli and starring Matilde Gioli, Giuseppe Maggio, Ilenia Pastorelli, and Matteo Martari. The film was released on 5 January 2022.

Four to Dinner Quick Facts

Directed by Alessio Maria Federici
Written by Martino Coli
Starring Matilde Gioli
Giuseppe Maggio
Matteo Martari
Release date 5 January 2022
Running time 90 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Four to Dinner Cast

  • Matilde Gioli
  • Giuseppe Maggio
  • Matteo Martari
  • Tommaso Basili
  • Ilenia Pastorelli
  • Soraia Tavares
  • Elmano Sancho
  • Mauro Hermínio
  • Luís Filipe Eusébio
  • Cristiano Piacenti

Four To Dinner

What Is Four To Dinner All About?

The idea of the film to is find out love and compatibility between different men and women. The film revolves around four individuals; Matteo, Dario, Chiara and Giulia. They are engaged in different relationships. Luca and Sara debate about whether soulmates really exist or not. Both the men disagree with Luca and say, there is no such thing as soulmate.

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Giulia and Matteo, Chiara and Dario, Chiara and Matteo, Giulia and Dario explore are the most compatible amontg them. The shows the riding of pregnancy, marriage and subsequent break-ups. It makes viewers curious about what happens next and what can we guess?

Four To Dinner Ending

At the end of the movie, the four characters show up at the dinner party, Giulia and Matteo show up together, hand in hand, as well as Chiara and Dario, who arrive in a silver car.

What Is The Whole Idea of Four To Dinner?

We find out at the end of the movie that Luca feels relationships are not always about compatibility but about the efforts you put in order to make any relationship healthy and work. It’s about not giving up on each other no matter what life throws at you. Things such as soulmates do not mean anything and relationship works through efforts because no one person is made for anyone.

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When Matteo, Chiara, Dario and Giulia show up, the film doesn’t give any clearity about who the real couples are and ends up with , unpredictability. The film expresses Plato’s hypothesis that says that the early humans were all hermaphrodites, and it was the jealous Gods who split them into two halves; the males and the females

Four To Dinner Trailer

Check out below the trailer of Four To Dinner.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What language is four to dinner in?

The language is in the film is Italian.

Who does Dario end up with?

In Season 2 Darío seem moved on from his obsession of Alma. He is now happily dating a woman named Julieta Lazcano, engaged to her and about to marry her.

What is the genre of Four to dinner?

The Four to dinner is a Romantic Comedy. It was released on 5 January 2022.

Four To Dinner

The Final Words

In order to conclude the article, We hope that you liked reading this article. We tried our best to keep you update with all the latest information regarding Four To Dinner. The film is about the idea of what role compatibility plays in relationships.

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