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‘Four Good Days’- Everything We Know About The Movie That You Would Not Like To Miss! 


David Mudd

The word ‘good day’ for a normal person would mean a day full of laughter and happiness, full of food and fun, but that is not the case here. Yes, we are talking about the movie Four Good Days, where every ‘good day’ counted to the recovery of a drug addict; the broken promises and the crushing disappointments that needed to be restored. 

Four Good Days is a movie that features such a story. The story of a substance abuse daughter who wants to seek rehab and detox, and her mother, who struggles with her own problems but helps her daughter. What keeps them pushing throughout the movie is hope. 

The movie has been in recent talks and we know you have been wondering why? Don’t worry, we will put an end to these questions. In this article, we have covered all the essential details about the film Four Good Days that you would not like to miss. Just keep reading till the end and we will not disappoint you. 

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About The Movie- Four Good Days

Four Good Days is an American drama film that made its debut in the year 2020. Directed and produced by Rodrigo Garcia, the film features the story of a mother and daughter duo, where the former helps the latter through four crucial days to recover from substance abuse. 

The film is based on Eli Saslow’s article in the Washington Post “How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies, and an American Addiction”, which was published in the year 2016. The film was announced in the month of May 2019, with Glenn Close and Mila Kunis as the main leads.  

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Quick Info About The Movie- Four Good Days

Directed By: Rodrigo Garcia

Screenplay By: Rodrigo Garcia, Eli Saslow, Amanda Wendler

Cinematography: Igoe Jadue- Lillo

Composer: Edward Shearmur

Produced By: Rodrigo Garcia, Jon Avnet, Jake Avnet, Jai Khanna 

Production Companies: Indegenous Media, Oakhurst Entertainment, Productivity Media 

Filming Locations: Santa Clarita, California, USA

Distributed By: Vertical Entertainment

Running Time: 100 Minutes

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The Trailer of The Movie- Four Good Days

Before we move further with this article, let us look at the trailer of the movie Four Good Days. Click on the play button below to watch the trailer. 

Packed with solid blows, and with such a moving and powerful story, what do you think about the trailer? Isn’t it just amazing? 

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Four Good Days- What Was The Release Date of The Movie? 

The movie Four Good Days had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on the 25th of January, 2020. Later, on the 30th of April, 2021, the film was featured as a limited release by the distributor Vertical Entertainment. This was followed by a video-on-demand release on the 21st of May, 2021. 

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Four Good Days- Who Were On The Sets of The Movie? 

The movie Four Good Days features a renowned and at the same time, a great cast in the leads. We have the cast and characters list for you. Let us take a look at it.

  • Mila Kunis stars as Margaret ‘Molly’ Wheeler.
  • Glenn Close stars as Deb.
  • Sam Hennings stars as Dale.
  • Stephen Root stars as Chris.
  • Joshua Leonard stars as Sean
  • Michael Hyatt stars as Lisa
  • Nicholas Oteri stars as Corey
  • Carla Gallo stars as Ashley
  • Audrey Lynn stars as Chloe
  • Carlos Lacamara stars as Dr. Ortiz
  • Rebecca Field stars as Coach Miller
  • Chad Lindberg stars as Eric.
  • Nina Millin stars as an ER Nurse.
  • Brian Shortall stars as an ER Doctor
  • Gloria Garayua stars as a Detox Receptionist.
  • Gabriela Flores stars as a Student.

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Four Good Days? What Does The Plot Line of The Movie Suggest? 

The movie Four Good Days tells the story of a young drug addict Margaret ‘Molly’ Wheeler, who must not undergo any kind of substance abuse for four days in order to receive promising treatment. The word ‘good’ for her and her mother, Deb, certainly means abstaining from drugs. 

The movie initiates at a point where one fine day Molly turns up at her mother’s door, desperate, but Deb was reluctant to let her in. Deb shuts the door on her saying “Come back when you are clean.” Deb did not care about Molly at all because she had done that before and ended up stealing from her mother. Therefore, to avoid the same situation this time, Deb rearranges all the locks and installs a security system in her house. 

Molly walks to the sidewalk and spends the night there, until the next morning when Deb finds her shivering and finally decides to talk to her daughter. Molly states that she wanted to recover and go to a rehabilitation centre. Deb agress and takes her for a detox therapy. After a few days of detox therapy, they sit in a Doctor’s chamber, where he suggests giving Molly an opioid antagonist, but after a wait of four days. And that’s where the story hits its peak. 

Deb brings Molly home because she really wanted to help this time, and also could not bear her daughter’s condition. Those four days were really difficult for the mother and daughter, but what they did turns out to be amazing. Do you think they were successful in Molly’s detox journey? No, we won’t spoil it for you, if you have not watched the film already! 

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Four Good Days- Is The Film Based On A True Story? 

The film Four Good Days is based on a true story which was brought to light by the Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post writer, Eli Saslow in the article “How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction”. The article actually portrayed Alexander’s experience with daughter Amanda Wendler.

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Four Good Days- Where Can You Watch The Movie? 

Four Good Days is available to stream on Hulu. Based on true events, the film stars Mila Kunis as a heroin addict, and Glenn Close as her long-suffering mother, where both eventually unite to resolve the addiction issue. 

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Four Good Days- What Are The Reviews And Ratings Of The Film?

The movie, Four Good Days received an IMDb rating of 6.6 out of 10, and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 5.7 out of 10. That was about the ratings of the film. Now, let us look at what the audience has to say for this particular film. What could be better than reading the audience responses for a film, isn’t it? 

Audience Responses For The Film- Four Good Days

A large part of the audience seemed excited to watch the movie after a small glimpse of the trailer. They loved the way the story is being portrayed with the life of a drug addict and her suffering mother, both struggling to get back to normal. Also, they just could not stop praising the performances of Mila Kunis and Glenn Close because of their challenging roles on screen. 

The audience were glad for the showcase of the struggle that the movie portrays, and could connect emotionally to the characters. They also say that anyone who has been through or dealt with such a situation of substance abuse, would very much be able to relate to certain events in the film. Lastly, the audience thinks that the film was natural and real without any overdo of dramatic scenes. 

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Summing It Up

The movie Four Good Days is surely worth the watch, if you are keen into these types of drama films. With all that into account, we have come to an end of this article and that was all that we had to offer. We hope it was helpful. Tell us about your views and thoughts about the movie, if you have watched it, and also about this article in the comment section below. We would love to read them. Till then, enjoy reading!