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David Mudd

Fortnite: Here’s How You Can Scan The Henchman In Week 4 Challenge Of Season 2

Fortnite’s Season 2 has entered its 4th week and there is a whole new batch of challenges for the players. Previously the players have been challenged with the task of killing and shaking down henchmen. This week there is a new version of henchman challenge that requires the players to scan a henchman. Players familiar with the game will be able to recognize them by their white suits and skull masks. These are AI-based enemies in the game who scan a particular location for any players and shoots them down. And also, they are fairly easy to kill.

Where To Find A Henchman

Henchmen are pretty easy to locate as they are found in specific areas marked on the map. Places where you can find them are:

1. The Agency
2. The Rig
3. The Shark
4. The Grotto
5. The Yacht

How To Scan Them

In order to scan a henchman, players will have to shoot at them until they are knocked out. Then the players will have to pick the knocked out henchman and carry him to an ID scanner nearby. Scanners can be found near the doors and chests of the building where the henchman is found.

Things To Remember

Fortnite Closing Down

While attempting this challenge, players need to keep certain points in mind. It is important to ensure that you don’t get too excited and kill the henchman. Once dead he will be of no use for completing the challenge. Also, the players should remember that the challenge requires them to scan the henchmen in multiple matches. Scanning different henchmen in a single match will simply be a waste of time. Although it is completely fine if the players want to target a particular henchman across a number of matches.

Rewards And Other Challenges

After completing the challenge, the players can move on to other challenges for the week. Challenges include using decoy grenades, fishing with explosives and using boss weapons. Completion of challenges will earn the players access to TNTina’s Ghost skin or Shadow skin.

So what’s the wait for? Get gaming and finish all the exciting challenges that Fortnite has to offer this week.