Fortnite: Fans Think The Pump Shotguns Have Been Changed In The Updates


David Mudd

Fans think Fortnite Pump shotguns changed in the new update. Read ahead to know more.

About The Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotgun is available in Battle Royale. There are two shotguns in use in Battle Royale, Pump Shotgun and Tactical Shotgun. Furthermore, the Pump Shotgun is found in floor loots and chests.

Pump Gun is stronger than the Tactical Gun. It has a tighter spread. As a result, it does more damage. The Legendary variants of Pump Gun are available in regular game modes. Due to this, the shotgun has been unvalued completely.

Fortnite Pump Shotguns Changed?

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The Latest Fortnite Update (Fortnite Pump Shotguns Changed?)

The new update offers a new Battle Pass. As a result, players can earn cosmetic items and rewards while playing the game. The Legacy Look Control is removed from the settings. Helicopters are added to Battle Royale.

Revolver, a new powerful handgun is added to the game. The weapon does 63 and 66 damage. It shoots medium ammo. Moreover, the Revolver is found in Chests, Floor Loot, Supply Drops.

Many bugs have been fixed in the update. Finally, players will not get stuck in a Porta-Potty.

Markers will not appear far away. Furthermore, players can make adjustments to it. Maps have been enhanced. Also, secret bases with henchmen and bosses have been added. Moreover, the player gets weapons like Mystic Assult Rifle, Mystic Drum Gun as a result of defeating the bosses.

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Fortnite Pump Shotguns Changed?

The Assumption about Pump Gun In New The Update (Fortnite Pump Shotguns Changed?) 

Fans believe Epic Games secretly made changes to Pump Gun. Pump Gun is one of the most famous used guns in Fortnite. Since the game has not released patch notes yet, players had to play the game to make assumptions about changes in the Pump Gun.

Players say Pump Gun is changed in one of the recent patches. The change could be made either in the v12 patch or the previous season’s patch released on 20th February 2020.

It seems like the damage value of the weapon has been changed. Players say that the damage value of body shot and headshot seems to have changed. However, Fortnite has not yet released the patch notes. Therefore, no confirmation of the change can be made official yet.

Fortnite Pump Shotguns Changed?

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