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Fortnite: A Location Guide For The Rig, Hydro 16 And Logjam Woodworks

About The Game

Fortnite is an action game where 100 players battle against one another in player versus player battle to be the last one standing. It is a fast, activity filed game, just like  The Hunger Games, where key reasoning is an absolute necessity so as to bare. There are an expected 125 million players on Fortnite.

Fortnite Closing Down

It is becoming a popular game all around the world. While the vast majority of the difficulties fittingly rotate around explosives. One requests that you land at three explicit tourist spots: The Rig, Hydro 16, and Logjam Wood works. In case you don't know where those are, Read more

Location Guide For The Rig, Hydro 16 And Logjam Wood works

When it comes to locating these destinations, you will need to go down to the southwestern part of the map. We will explain you how to locate each destination.

The Rig: The Rig can be one of the easiest and quickest locations to find. It's a tiny island in grid square B7. Steps that you need to follow is – be careful of the henchmen because they can shoot you anytime. You can land anywhere on the Rig and you will be able to complete the challenge

Fortnite Closed Down

Hydro 16: You can trace Hydro 16 at the western end of the lake. It is located between Slurpy Swamp and Lazy Lake in the southern part of the island.

Logjam Woodworks: You can find Logjam Woodworks directly in the northeast area of grid square B6. It can be located in the Hollye edges just on the border of Weeping Woods.

You just need to land anywhere on that location and play.

How Can You Finish The Challenge

To finish this game, you basically need to land at every one of the three previously read tourist spots.

Fortnite Closing Down

The quickest method to achieve this is to land at one just after jumping out of the Battle Bus, get yourself wiped out, at that point bounce into another match and rehash these moves until you've arrived at all three.

So, now you know how to easily find these three locations. We hope you enjoy the game.

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