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David Mudd

Fortnite 2 – Everything You Want to Know About Chapter 2

If you are a professional gamer, you’d probably know what this article is going to be based on as soon as you saw or read the Title.

Fortnite 2, Season 2 

The Fortnite game, pushes you into a new world, with better updates, better visuals, better choices as well as bonuses as the game mainly focuses on.

The characters in the game require to be suited up and are pushed into battles that are back on season 2 with newer plus points and added features. The Fortnite team specified some new additional overtime challenges and a new two weeks event before this season ends much to the excitement of its fans.

The chapter 2 season 2 has an updated 11.50 version, it was launched on  Thursday, February 20.

The Changes Made 

First and foremost, the biggest change and this might be a tad bit obvious, is a new character named Maya. This character is a unique and specialized character that you can customize according to your needs!!

Head to this link to know more about this character.

The Game

The 2nd chapter of the 2nd season begins with the ninja entering onto the world through the selected character and brings out the weapons, there are reboot vans present in the game that again brings on a fun factor, after which the mission of your character continues and you finally get to defeating or destroying your enemies by surviving throughout.

The game seems to have a sense of newness to it throughout, and if interested, you can check out how this ninja plays the season completely for a fun yet the accurate demonstration.


The game levels are comparatively harder to complete and at the same time fun. when things are difficult, most people often tend to give up and move on with other aspects especially in the cases of games and video plays, but in the case of fortnight season 2, chapter 2 the game has the ability to keep players glued and thrilled while being hard to finish and play at the same time.

The Additions

With all of the above aspects put into the picture, additionally, the developers have added on unique fortnight ghosts and shadow factions as well as unique special agent weapons.

Fortnite Closing Down

Hoping to see the new updates from the Fortnite.