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Fortnite 2: Chapter 2 Challenges , Where To Find Deadpool’s Plunger

Fortnite continues to dominate the battle royale genre. Epic Games’ marquee title has managed to maintain a ridiculously high player count over the months and years since its launch. The game saw a massive update with the release of Chapter 2 in late 2019. Its latest expansion, Chapter 2, Season 2, kicked off on February 20th, 2020, and is well underway now. They may be holding off on the competitive, cash-prize tournaments for now, but players are still enjoying the game at home, along with their friends.

New Season, New Challenges

Some of the fun activities that have come with the start of Chapter 2, Season 2 are the weekly challenges. Two different characters provide you with two different sets of weekly challenges. TNTina, one of the game’s new bosses, provides one set of challenges. The other set comes from a surprising, but familiar addition to the game. That, of course, being Marvel’s very own merc-with-a-mouth, Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool himself.

Epic Games added Deadpool to the game as Chapter 2, Season 2’s hidden skin. Naturally, he brings with himself his trademark crass, fourth-wall-breaking humour to the table. His unmistakable wit is on display in the weekly challenges he sets out for players, too.

Deadpool’s Weekly Chores

For the first week, Deadpool wanted the player to do two things. First, find his letter to Epic Games, and second, don’t thank the bus driver before dropping into the battle royale map. For the second week, he wanted players to find his missing milk carton and all the chimichangas he had misplaced around HQ.

Now for the third week, his challenges are all about everyone’s favourite hang-out spot – the toilet. He wants players to find his missing toilet plunger and also destroy some toilets. The second one of these challenges is easy enough. Simply drop into a battle royale match, walk into any house and blast away at its toilet.

Fortnite Closed Down

Finding Deadpool’s Toilet Plunger

The first challenge, finding the toilet plunger, is the one that has some players stumped, however. If you’re one of them, here’s where you can find it. When on the main menu screen, head to the Battle Pass section. Here, move your cursor over to the Agents room, represented by a door on the top left of your screen. This is where TNTina hangs out. Once you’re through the door, you’ll find the required plunger stuck to the wall on the right side of your screen. Click on it to pick it up and your challenge is complete.

Completing these weekly Deadpool challenges earns you rewards, too. Week 1’s reward was a Deadpool banner, week 2’s was a spraypainting of Deadpool riding a unicorn. Week 3’s will be another spray painting, that of grenade designed to look like Deadpool’s logo.

To access these seasonal challenges a Fortnite Battle Pass, which costs 950 V-Bucks, is required. You may earn V-Bucks through gameplay or purchase them with real-world currency. Fortnite is free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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