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Saloni Singh

I’m pleasantly surprised to know that a respectable actor like Kang Ha Neul is actually the promoter in this riddle- suspenser film ‘ Forgotten ‘. Of course, his character does n’t diverge much from his usual highbrow places, but he continues to show his charm in such a kidney despite the tragedy that comes later.

 The movie alone, though loses its fire at the ending, stands out because of its unconventional way of story telling that completely duped me into allowing what’s in front of me is real when everything was just nothing but a taradiddle to uncover a verity that had been missing for so numerous times.

The Story

 Jin Seok( Kang Ha Neul) moves into again home with his family – his mama , father and aged family who had a limp on his leg. He suffers from acuity, but with drug he’s suitable to live typically.

 One night, while it was raining hard, JIn Seok substantiations his aged family Yoo Seok( Kim Moo Yul) being abducted by a group of men that ditched him into a van and left. After nineteen days of being gone, Yoo Seok suddenly returns home, but he does n’t flash back anything from his exposure.

Jin Seok, on the other hand, starts noticing some changes about his aged family, including the limp on his leg being gone, making Jin Seok’s dubitation grow about his family. It does n’t help that Jin Seok keeps hearing sounds from the locked room where the house ’ former proprietor stored his things, making him indeed more paranoid of his surroundings and the people around him.

forgotten movie


 ‘ forsaken ’ wisecracked me into believing that all is good between Jinseok, his family and his family. I would have been thankful to have someone like Yoo Seok as a family too, but the too important riddle girding him ultimately gave a strong feeling that commodity is surely up with the perfect aged family.

Still, it was far from the psychotic family I allowed he’ll turn into. It made everything I imaged actually wrong just when I allowed I could prognosticate what’s to come next.

Plus, that locked room right across their room constantly brought chills to my chine as we were duped into allowing that some unattractive ghost would actually pop out from that room when it was nothing but a stupid mount to the real setup of the story. The movie nearly turned into a horror story, but I guess that’s their sly strategy to wisecrack us and overwhelm us with commodity differently. And gosh, that worked on me.

forgotten movie

 I skipped some corridor when it came to the locked room and whenever Jin Seok was probing about his odd aged family who came back, because I could n’t really tell what was to come next.

It frustrates me that I’m kept in the dark, but also as I skim through the entire story, I suppose it’s amazing how they came up with how the entire film was executed. It may feel confusing to an stranger because the film did n’t start in the order where it was supposed to show the history, but I suppose the sequencing, the plot itself is intelligently written and done.

I Was so Mind- Blown When I Realized Who Jin Seok and Yoo Seok Really Is, since They Are N’t Who We Suppose They Really Are.

 Jin Seok thinks he’s still back in the 90s when all he needs to suppose about is passing his examinations, but also the reality is it’s formerly the 21st century and Jin Seook is nothing but a lonely old man, who’s the suspect to a crime times agone and is being reluctantly and intentionally dragged back to the house where he allegedly killed a woman and a son.

forgotten movie

The happenings of that time were reenacted together with the help of undercovers who wanted to know the verity of that night and pretended to be his family members.

Because supposedly, he accepted the task from someone called ‘ Bluebeard ’ on the internet to kill his woman and claim his insurance plutocrat that he thinks will more the lives of his son and son.

Out of pure despair to get Jin Seok’s aged family have his operation, he takes the bait, but unfortunately also kills Bluebeard’s son. That night he’s also seen by the son, who Jin Seok wisecracked into counting to a hundred ten times in his room, so he could make his escape.

Latterly, Jin Seok Finds out That His Family’s Surgeon Was Actually in Fact the Same ‘ Bluebeard ’ That Assigned Him to Kill His Woman

In exchange for plutocrat. Bluebeard ultimately hears from his son over the phone that both his woman and son is killed.

He’s struck with grief and ever he ends up with a brawl with Jin Seok and he’s thrown of the edge of the rooftop of the sanitarium. Jin Seok was suitable to hold onto him, but the croaker ’s hand slipped and he failed.

 Times latterly, after the case of the mama and son being killed was closed and buried under the slush, some operative who’s adamant to break the case finds Jin Seok and tortures him while telling him to confess his crimes. Jin Seok supposedly deletes the distressful memory of those times and denies he’d killed them.

forgotten movie

So, out of despair of the authority to know the verity, they cooked a plan that will make him flash back the once lead him to believe that his family is still alive and go back to the crime scene to latterly reenact that night.

 In the first scene, if you’ll flash back , this is the part when he’s seen in a auto with his family. They were moving to their new house, which was actually the real crime scene. That’s why Jin Seok feels familiar when he sees the house. It’s because he’d been there ahead.

Jin Seok also hears commodity from the locked room, because stupidly enough there were people there watching everything that they were doing from a examiner screen. It was n’t because it was visited.

Also the time Jin Seok sees his family being abducted, it was actually when Yoo Seok was taken by the real police for doing an illegal disquisition of the once crime. He was n’t suitable to come home for 19 days because he’d to pull some strings to get out.


I would have really abominated the film because of the sad ending, though it’s a genius in the way sequencing was done and how they deceivingly and strategically mugged the entire thing.

Luckily, the last many twinkles were worth the watch. Poignant and nostalgic, yet smacks some life assignments into you. Standing this film, I ’ll give it a3.9 out of 5.

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