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Ford: The North American Plants Will Not Reopen On 30 March


David Mudd

Ford planned to reopen its plants in North America on March 30. But the plan changed due to the stay-at-home orders by different governments. Ford said that they are working together with different union leaders and workers on the optimal time for resuming production.

Besides, Kumar Galhotra said that it is our employee’s well-being is on the top priority now. He is Ford’s president of North America. The plants in the United States, Canada, and Mexico were already closed on March 18. It was after the pressure from the UAW. UAW is for protection from the pandemic.


More Details On Reopening Plants

Ford said they are working with UAW to explore more additional protocols to restart the plant. Besides, they will explore more procedures to help in prevention of the coronavirus. They already started their work on the production of face masks and ventilators.

Moreover, they partnered with different companies to provide medical equipment to the people including medical workers and patients. General Motors also closed their plants until March 30. They will evaluate the situation before reopening it. After all, there is a possibility that they will also postpone their reopening.

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Researches show that global production will reduce. It is because of the shutdowns that happened in different companies in different countries. This will lead to a decrease in the production of more than 1.4 million vehicles. Moreover, it will create a cash crisis over companies.


Beyond all these companies, Fiat Chrysler also ceased its production plants because of the pandemic. They didn’t give any comments on reopening plants until now. Ford closed its plants for cleaning and sanitizing the equipment and machinery. But the decision changed after the situation became more serious.

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