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Ford Offering COVID-19 Test For Workers Before Reopening


David Mudd

Ford prepares to reopen its facilities this month. Before that, the company will conduct a test for all employees who show COVID-19 symptoms. Ford has its major operations in four metro areas. Besides, they are looking forward to resuming some of its North American facilities on May 18. About 12,000 workers brought back to the factories and offices along with the factory workers.

Those 12,000 employees include those who can’t do their job remotely such as designing and testing. Meanwhile, Ford already restarted its parts distribution centers on May 11 in North America. Besides, the company will use methods to find actively infected such as PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction). Viral RNAs can be found through PCR.

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Ford offers COVID-19 tests to symptomatic workers in 4 key states

More Details On Ford’s Test On COVID-19

All the tests are done with the help of health systems which include several medical centers and healthcare facilities. Besides, tests conducted by different health facilities in each of the different areas.

  • The University of Louisville Health in Louisville
  • Beaumont Health in Southeast Michigan
  • Liberty Hospital in Kansas City
  • University of Chicago Medical Center in the Chicago area

Ford will be able to get the test results within 24 hours through its contracts with these health facilities. After all, the test results shared with Ford. Because that will help Ford’s in-house doctors to track the infected ones along with their contacts. Also, the company is on work for the expansion of tests. More than 72,000 employees are there for Ford in these cities together. The workers will have to undergo daily health checks and temperature checks.

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