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Ford: Auto-Driving Taxis Delayed To 2022


David Mudd

heard about the “Ford Self-Driving Taxis”? Then you might be eager to have a look at it, right? Yeah, who else won’t wait for it, even I was so curious to see it. As of the past reports, these automatic taxis will come into existence in the year 2021.

If you really, think this what the reality, then hold on, we have deplorable news. Because the Ford is not going to kick out the Automatic Taxis in next year.

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Ford Self-Taxis Are Getting Delay

As I said in the previous sentences, Ford officially confirms that the company is not going to kick away its Self-Driving Taxis next year. The release went to 2022.

But why? Well, you all know. What world is going through, the most dreadful nightmare ever, COVID-19? And due to this many people remain unemployed any many, more livelihood is totally disturbing.


As the pandemic is affecting the world’s economy, then who else will hurry in buying automobiles, and run behind them. Absolutely, not! right!

It makes an official announcement stating,  “probably not the best time to ask people to get into random and mostly unsupervised automobiles.”

“Taking the time to research changes in customer behaviors provides Ford with an opportunity to evaluate and potentially change our go-to-market strategy to meet new consumer demands. As part of this evaluation, we also want to make sure the customer experience we are building offers people peace of mind knowing they, or their packages, are in a safe and protected environment inside our vehicles.”

This loss is more enough for Ford but in addition to this a $2 billion loss occurring in the same year. At present, Ford also delays its brand new car  ‎Lincoln too.


So, hoping the Self-Driving Taxis will come soon, fingers crossed. Let’s wait and see how this new innovation works out.