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Food Delivery: Grocery And Meal Services Operating Right Now


David Mudd

We all know that in what situation the whole world is going through. The coronavirus pandemic is taking a larger form in every day. It creates a panic situation across the globe. People are dying like flies everywhere. The government of every affected country declared lockdowns in their country. Their main target is to prohibit the virus from spreading. Food Delivery and grocery deliveries in this current situation are a crucial thing. Take a look at what grocery and meal services are available in those affected countries.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

After discovering first in Wuhan, China this virus is taking more furious form. Over 60,000 people already died due to the outbreak and one 13 million people are affected by 190 countries. The medical personals are trying to find a cure, but it seems that this process will take a long time. The most affected country is the USA. Already over 14,000 people died there. Situation in Italy, Spain, and France are still beyond imaginations.

Food Delivery

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All updates On Food And Meal Services

As the countries are in lockdowns, people who are stuck at home due to quarantine and home-isolation is having problem in marketing. That’s why online grocery markets and meal services are coming forward to help them. Check out what online food services are available right now.

  • Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry: Amazon is offering a Prime-exclusive serving in affected areas. They are also providing low-priced essentials to people.
  • Sainsbury’s: The Company also expanding its services, but this time they are prioritizing elders and weak customers though.
  • Ocado: They are opening some 24 hr service stores to provide the online food delivery services.
  • Mindful Cheif: this meal delivery service is offering healthy meal boxes that are nutritious and delicious as well.
  • Allplants: If you want some plant-based items, you can choose them without any doubt.
  • Domino’s: Well, this food delivery company is already well-known to everyone. This time customers can have contact-less orders by pre-paying online.

Food Delivery

If you want some alcohol, don’t worry. Amazon UK, The Drink Shop, Vinatis, etc. are here at your service. So don’t worry anymore. Be safe at home.

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