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Fog Hill Of The Five Elements Is Streaming Now!


David Mudd

TV series have been a popular attention grabber among us for a long time. Isn’t it? Do you love the TV series? Be it daily soaps or anime series or something more amazing?

And above that what if it is something about the legendary story? Would you love to watch it? Well, yes I would! And for such fans I bring about the best one right here! The Fog Hills Of The Five Elements: A legendary story, one of its kind!

Well to your knowledge this show was released in 2020 with three episodes by SAMSARA studio and Nice boat animation. As you say, the five fundamentals are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. And that is the essence of a legend such as this!

Want to explore more about this legend? Then you must not leave a single word from here! Read on till the end to know each and every detail.

Fog Hills Of The Five Elements | The Storyline

Fog Hill Of Five Elements

If you know this is a fiction, Chinese, fantasy story based on demons and superheroes TV series. The storyline revolves around the spiritual power obtained after reaching out to the foggy mountains after a lot of adventurous outcomes.

The basis of this story is how a monster discards a powerful monster situated at a foggy mountain that is adventurous to reach out in this mist mountain. It is a legend as you know but I am wondering why?

Actually, this plot of the series reflects the culture of ancient China’s importance for the fundamental five elements. The desire to increase the power of monsters gets attracted towards itself which deals with the five basic elements of life i.e, metal, wood, fire, water, and earth.

It seems the love of a child to save her mother reached out the mountain and privately explores the shield being built safely and by which one monster escaped out and the consequences the world faces by his activities.

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Fog Hills Of The Five Elements | Cast & Crew

Fog Hill Of Five Elements

Series cast Shen Guo, Rhongshan chan, Meme Yan, Zhiqui Ye, Xin Teng, Hao Xianghai are all the voice actors as this is an animated adaptation of the story directed by Lin Hun.

Here is the list of characters that have been depicted in the series. The characters are of three categories: the Envoys, the Humans, and the Demons.

Fog Hill of Five Elements Characters: The Envoys

Following are the five Envoys in the series:

  • Fire Envoy of Misty Mountain: Wen Ren Yu Xuan
  • Water Envoy of Misty Mountain: Shen Tu Zi Ye
  • Metal Envoy of Misty Mountain: Xuan Yuan Shen Jun
  • Wood Envoy of Misty Mountain: Rong Cheng Mo Xi
  • Earth Envoy of Misty Mountain: Gong Yi Chu-Ren

Fog Hill of Five Elements Characters: The Humans

Following are the human characters that you will find in the anime:

  • Su Xiao An
  • The Leaders of the Di Shan Village
  • 1st Elder: Chi Ji
  • 2nd Elder: Gong Xie
  • 3rd Elder: Bai Yi
  • 4th Elder: Unknown (didn’t appear in the donghua yet)
  • 5th Elder: Shan Zi
  • 6th Elder: Qu Huang
  • 7th Elder: Hua Liu
  • Zei Qi & Lu Er
  • Mountain Sage Elder
  • Yu Qing & Yu Dan
  • Lin & Yuan Shu
  • Wen Ren Jing Xuan

Fog Hill of Five Elements Characters: The Demons

And not to forget the demon characters appeared on screen, they are mentioned below:

  • Sacred Beast: Qilin
  • Baby Qilin
  • Beast of Wrath: Peacock Demon
  • Beast of Insanity & Beast of Greed
  • Anxious Tail, Corner Shadow, & Mountain Store
  • Su Guan

If you want to discuss more these characters, then do let us know in the comment box.

Fog Hills Of The Five Elements | Trailers & Clips

The series was launched in the year 2020. You can get the trailers on youtube for this animated series. And here below are the trailer links you can refer to for watching the clips and trailers. I hope you will like it.

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Fog Hills Of The Five Elements | Ratings & Reviews

This fiction series brings over adventurous aspects throughout the season and specifically grabbed an IMDB rating of 8.5 which is an animated show.

Fog Hill Of Five Elements


Fog Hills Of The Five Elements | Why To Watch

So here is the answer to the question that most of you would ask. Why should you watch this anime?

This story and series attracted a lot of animation lovers that teaches us that no matter what life throws upon us we should be able to face everything without giving up.

The series has an adventurous storyline and also the fiction period that is very impactful describing a legend of cultures. So for experiencing the adventurous aspect and discovering the aspect of five fundamental elements i.e, wood, fire, metal, water, and earth this is the one that you must go for!

Are you one of the audience as a fiction dreamer? Then definitely this is one for you that influences the fiction holding audiences.

Fog Hill Of Five Elements


Fog Hills Of The Five Elements | Where To Watch | Available On Which Platforms

So, where would you watch this series? Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, Netflix, and others all have Fog Hill of Five Elements accessible for streaming. Regrettably, only at Bilibili streaming is legalized.

So, you can watch the series on a lot of online streaming platforms! The choice is yours.

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This series is a legendary classic series of adventure and action. If you love it the legendary way then do not miss this! Head to watch this series. I am sure you will enjoy it!

If you have any queries or doubts, reach out to us via the comment box below. Also, share your experience with the series and how helpful was this article to you!