Florida Man Season 1 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Is There a Trailer for Florida Man?


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Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez (The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Wrongdoing Story) is the star of new activity wrongdoing series Florida Man. His personality is Mike Valentine, a struggling ex-cop who gets back to his home province of Florida to search for a Philly mobster’s missing girlfriend.

According to the authority summary of this upcoming show, what ought to be a speedy gig for Valentine “turns into a spiraling excursion into covered special kinds of mystery, and an increasingly vain endeavor to make the best decision where so a lot is off-base.

In the event that you’re interested in this new series, you will need to know when it is being released. Indeed, wonder no more as we have all the info on Florida Man underneath.

When Will Florida Man Be Released?

This restricted series will debut on Netflix April 13th 2023. It is booked to drop at 8am (GMT), 12am (PT) and 3am (ET) in the US and all episodes will release immediately.

What Is the Plot of Florida Man?

Florida Man seems, by all accounts, to be inspired by notable images. In any case, no particular headline is the essential wellspring of the show. Instead, it is a made up story.

Valentine, an ex-cop who lost his work because of gambling, is continued in Florida Man. At the point when he leaves on a quest for a mobster’s lost out of control girlfriend, he could have an opportunity to show what him can do.

Florida Man Season 1 release date

Tragically, he winds up in Florida because of this undertaking. He shows that he has no love for Florida, despite the fact that it is his home state. He wishes to close the case in a hurry and go.

Notwithstanding, when he realizes he is in Florida, he comprehends that leaving his hometown will take more work. Instead, he is brought into a universe of criminal action and dim mysteries.

Todd still can’t seem to discuss the idea of his new series. Be that as it may, in light of its title, Florida Man images filled in as an influence. Also, Netflix has ensured that the show will dive undeniably more significant than images. Despite the fact that there are many instances of outrageous headlines, Florida Man is a made up story just inspired by viral images.

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Given Florida’s inclination for producing odd reports, the story will make a thorough fictitious record of what one could expect happens there.

The Cast of Florida Man!

In Florida Man, Ramírez plays Mike Valentine, the show’s hero. Ramírez generally as of late showed up in The 335, Wilderness Voyage, and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Wrongdoing Story.

He is likewise acquainted with Netflix, having previously showed up with Jennifer Accumulate and Jenna Ortega in the streaming assistance’s original film Yes Day.

Otmara Marrero, who featured in Clementine, will play Patsy, Valentine’s sister. Anthony LaPaglia, who featured in Frasier, will play their father, Sonny. Tyler, Patsy’s 14-year-old girl, is played by Isabel Gameros, who finishes the Valentine family.

Florida Man Season 1 release date

Delly West is likewise depicted by Nunnery Lee, notable for her work on The Neon Evil presence. She disappeared to Florida and is a mobster’s girlfriend.

Emory Cohen, a Brooklyn actor, depicts Greenery Yankov as Valentine’s boss and West’s evident accomplice. Iris, played by Lex Scott Davis, is highlighted. She happens to be Valentine’s ex and a criminal investigator. As Sonny’s partners, Leonard Baron Howze and Imprint Jeffrey Mill operator will repeat their parts.

Clark Gregg, a star of the Wonder Cinematic Universe, will play Representative Sheriff Ketcher on the show as a recurring person. Official Andy Boone is likewise played by Parks and Entertainment actor Paul Schneider. As married inn proprietors, Isaiah Johnson and Sibongile Mlambo will likewise show up.

Is There a Trailer for Florida Man?

First Florida Man mystery video released by Netflix for upcoming wrongdoing show featuring Edgar Ramírez, Brilliant Globe nominee. The one-minute mystery opens with Mike contemplating his re-visitation of Florida. It is his home state which has not been kind to him. Also, he has lost his employment and is presently getting spotless.

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Thus, when a companion proposes they head for Florida to change their karma, he doesn’t oblige. Be that as it may, Mike can’t completely get away from quite a while ago and in the long run gets back to Florida. He does this to his obligation to a Philly mobster by helping to find his out of control girlfriend. Mike desires to rapidly finish this little mission and return to a saner clime.

In any case, he stalls out in every one of the difficulties he had wanted to stay away from. The trailer likewise offers a slip look into criminality that torment the city as irregular individuals are seen carrying out strange demonstrations with obvious sinister intentions.

The date of Florida Man‘s true release is April 13, 2023. The creators have also checked that Netflix will stream the show. There will be seven episodes. The series’ principal photography started on August 10, 2021. Filming of the show in the end began in December 2021 after a few deferrals.

Ramírez stars in the number one spot job of Mike Valentine in Florida Man. Ramírez as of late featured in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Wrongdoing Story, The 335, and Wilderness Voyage. He is additionally acquainted with Netflix, having previously featured in the stage’s original film Yes Day with Jennifer Gather and Jenna Ortega.

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In the mean time, Clementine star Otmara Marrero will show up as Valentine’s sister, Patsy, while Frasier’s Anthony LaPaglia will star as their father, Sonny. Rounding out the Valentine family is Isabel Gameros as Tyler, Patsy’s 14-year-old girl.

Monastery Lee, known for her jobs in Frantic Max: Wrath Street and The Neon Evil presence, depicts Delly West, a mobster’s girlfriend who took off to Florida.

Florida Man Season 1 release date

Brooklyn star Emory Cohen plays Greenery Yankov, Valentine’s boss and the assumed accomplice of West, while Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart’s Lex Scott Davis stars as Iris, a criminal investigator who likewise happens to be Valentine’s ex. Leonard Baron Howze and Imprint Jeffrey Mill operator will have recurring jobs as Sonny’s partners, Beam and Buzz, separately.


As the principal trailer for Florida Man is released by Netflix, the show is ready to surprise the world. A concise errand changes into a long excursion that uncovers special kinds of mystery. Total’s first-look concurrence with the decoration includes the series. Also, it will without a doubt be another phenomenal element for viewers with this group involved.

The drawn out episodes of the restricted series will rejoin Ramrez and Yes Day director Miguel Arteta. The mystery proposes that the series will comprise of seven entertaining episodes that are wild and activity stuffed.

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