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Flash, Supergirl: Did All DC Shows Suspend Productions?


David Mudd

Flash and Supergirl are American superhero television series based on DC comic book characters. Flash is currently on its sixth season and Supergirl on its fifth season.

Disney Shows Suspend Productions?

Amidst the growing coronavirus around the globe, productions of TV series are as long getting shut down. Schools, colleges, theatres, malls have all shut down due to the threat of a global pandemic.

Warner Bros has decided to shut down the production of Flash and Supergirl as the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten the world. Both the favourite fan shows based on DC characters will be put on hold until further notice.

The health crisis has put a pause on everyone’s life. Large gatherings have stopped in the US, and US President Donald Trump announced an emergency in the country with the outbreak of COVID-19. Hence TV productions also got shut down eventually. The global pandemic is affecting everything from movie releases to events to education to the red carpet.

All Disney TV Shows Halts Production?

The global fear has led TV productions to shut and to make sure that the cast and crew members are safe and healthy. From March 13 the shows will hold the creations. The last few weeks have led to many drastic changes in the entire world.

Riverdale a popular series in Netflix as well Stranger Things have also shut down its productions, including many other awaited series. To be clear, as of now no cast nor crew members of the show have reported any cases of COVID-19. But to maintain good health, it was essential to hold the productions.

Stranger Things Season 4

Warner Bros TV is planning to shut down all their Arrowverse shows that is Batwoman, The Flash and Supergirl. The pandemic which taking a toll on life is to be taken seriously, and hence the health of actors and crew will be at most priority.

So many TV shows and movies are in production all over the world. But it’s time the health of the team is considered. It was only a matter of time that COVID-19 start to affect the entertainment industry as well.

The global pandemic should be taken seriously, and we as citizens of the earth should help in our ways to help stop the outbreak. If any symptoms are noted in your body, it should be immediately reported to help yourself and others.