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Five Bedrooms Season 2: Plot | Release Date | Cast

five bedrooms season 2

Five Bedrooms Season 2 official poster

With people restricted at homes, the negativity and cases rising and affecting the mental peace of the people terribly, it’s just as important for us all to refresh our minds with some good entertainment like Stranger things and Five Bedrooms Season 2.

A good series or a movie can take up somewhere else where things are normal and aren’t covered with masks and where happiness and sadness aren’t socially distanced.

Talking about such a good series, we can’t forget the blockbuster and fan-favorite series called Five Bedrooms Season 2. The name itself stirs an air of curiosity, it has that vibe.

The COVID-19 pandemic left the whole of the world as one big giant hungry for more entertainment. And shows like Five Bedrooms Season 2 are one way to satisfy that hunger if not diminish it.

For the record, the pandemic didn’t only affect the people, but individual productions as well. It brought everything to a standstill that was quite unexpected in the past. As a result, naturally many of the shows and series that were supposed to be released in the year 2020 or 2021 were either canceled or postponed.

Well, we know how difficult it can be to wait for our favorite show’s renewal and in most cases, the series makers mercilessly leave us hanging on a crucial cliffhanger with people writhing for an answer or simply more episodes to find a respite through their stressful lives.

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About Five Bedrooms Season 2

Five Bedrooms Season 1 was an instant hit

Australian comic drama Five Bedrooms is a television sitcom that premiered on Network 10 in Australia.

It is one of the very few series that attracts the audience towards itself with its phenomenal plotline and presentation. The first of the eight-episode series aired on May 15, 2019. On April 15, 2020, Peacock began broadcasting the show in the USA. The show took time to be a blockbuster but when it did, it broke every other record set in this genre.

Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett are the creators of the show. The show has been directed by a flock of great directors that include Peter Templeman, Fadia Abboud, Shirley Barrett, Corrie Chen, Fiona Banks and is bankrolled by Nathan Mayfield, Andy Walker, Pino Amenta.

The show that ran for almost 45 minutes per episode displays the story of five friends at different stages of life who buy one house together that seems to solve all their problems.

The show garnered excellent reviews from the critics and audience for its good story, with the first season’s last episode scooping a whopping 9.2 out of 10 on the review platform IMDB.

The plot of Five Bedrooms Season 2

Five Bedrooms Season 2 is set to continue from the end of the first season.

I won’t say that the plot is unusual, but it’s high on drama, empathy, and entertainment for you all. Here how goes the first season so that we can speculate over the plot of Season 2.

The story begins with a bunch of five people in their middle ages and ends up seating together. After some chit-chat, they realize that all of their mayhems can be addressed in the best way if they all move in together.

Thus, they end up buying a five-bedroom house for them. The residents have some chemistry, Ben and Heather particularly, which when certain situations arise, needs handling.

After a while, the hardships of co-existing under one start surfacing. The housemates want Ben out because of issues regarding hygiene, housework, and nude walks.

Mild situations like these evolve with other inmates too and by the end of season 1, it all boils down to them deciding to sell this home and part ways but stay the decision at the last moment.

But, at the same moment, the property is sold by the dealer. Now what? The season then ends at the cliffhanger and thus we need to wait for season 2 so that we can understand what happens to them all and where they head out, or not. The subsequent complex romances would also get space to evolve.

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Five Bedrooms Season 2 release date

A still from Five Bedrooms Season 1.

The fans never like to wait for the next season especially if the show ends on an edge. Therefore, the announcement of a season 2 was a welcome update for viewers who were kept guessing if the show might return after a cliffhanger conclusion in July.

Previously in October 2019, Network 10 announced that Five Bedrooms will return to the screens in 2020 thus the sitcom was renewed for a second season. However, COVID-19 affected its release and the second season was pushed back to 2021.

Now overseeing the circumstances, we can only speculate about the actual release date for the season. But die-hard fans aren’t shy of speculating instead they are flooding the internet with theories and rumors which who knows can be true, so watch out for them.

Available Platforms?

Five Bedrooms premiered on Network 10 in the United States. In the USA, the sitcom aired on Peacock TV, and it was also accessible on Peacock premium for online streaming. Five Bedrooms was also shown on BBC One.

In Portugal, it was shown on RTP2, while in Canada, W Network premiered the show in 2021.

The series’ Australian transmission was confirmed to be shifting from Network. So in May 2021, the show would be now available for season 2 on the 10 associated streaming service, Paramount+.

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In short, the series won’t provide you any ROFL laughter moments but it is going to bring a smile to your face. Some shows have an intricate way of displaying humor that sometimes is too much for common audiences but lovers of the show are not disappointed easily.

With the onscreen chemistry between all the characters, one would be persuaded to vouch for them to become one good happy family. Plus, it has all the elements that a good sitcom requires to bind a feel-good consuming audience.

So let us know what do you think about the upcoming season and if you have any additional questions that you have for us drop them in the comment section.

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