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Fitbit: Your Fitbit Can Protect You From Coronavirus, Here Is How


David Mudd

Fitbit added features in the application, to help its users to protect themselves from COVID-19 and the stress caused by the isolation. The app now provides tools to make life easier in this difficult period. There are handwashing remainders available. Besides, it also contains timers to decrease the pressure because of developing new hygiene habits.

The new tab for COVID-19 is named as “COVID-19 info & resources”. Moreover, the app provides advice to reduce stress. Besides, it gives advice and motivation to keep our body moving. Isolation and work-from-home made our bodies more constant and less moving. After all, there will have sleeping remainders and advanced sleeping tools too included in Fitbit.


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More From Fitbit

Fitbit has already decided to extend the premium free trial from 7 days to 90 days. It also added new workout methods. Moreover, now the app includes thousands of home workouts. All of them can be done without or with a minimal amount of equipment. Surely, this will help you keep moving while maintaining social distancing.

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit premium has the most advanced level of tools and features to maintain mental and physical health. Above all, the app is packed with insights for your wellbeing and lifestyle. It gives access to thousands of video and audio workouts. It’s now sure that it will keep you motivated and moving.

The new feature is now only available in English. Beyond that, some features like contacting a doctor and some are limited in some territories. It is now limited in the US.


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