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Fitbit: The Fitbit Premium Is Now Available For Free The First 90 Days – More Details

Half of the world is already in lockdown. More countries are starting to run on the same path. The reports show that Covid-19 cannot be controlled in a small period. That means this will last for little more. Besides, people are already in self-isolation in many regions. So, it is important to keep their physical and mental health stable with Fitbit.

Fitbit proposed a big step for their app users. Their premium service will be free to everyone for 90 days. Until now there were only 7 days of premium services were allowed for free. Fitbit CEO James Park said in a blog post that it is for the people who can use it for better motivation.


Features Available In Fitbit Premium Service

The premium service of Fitbit has different kinds of special features. That includes 150 workouts along with personalized health insights and special guidance. After all, this will help people to stay active physically while in lockdown. Moreover, it will have everything people needed to know about the physical and mental health.

It aims to let users eat nutritious food and stay fit and active. Many people are already suffering from anxiety and stress during isolation. These problems will not affect an active body with perfect mental health. CEO of Fitbit also added that the company is providing 40 new premium contents free for the users.

Special enterprise features will also be available for enterprise customers. This will include activities like corporate challenges. After all, every feature is available 100% free of cost. There will be a 90 day free trial of Fitbit Coach for the places where Fitbit premium services are not available.


In India, Fitbit premium service costs Rs 819 per month. It’s Rs 6,999 for an annual subscription. The new decision of the company is the right thing to do now in this pandemic situation.

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