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Firm Decision Of Trump No Matter How Horrid The Virus


David Mudd

Trump says he won’t close the country if the second wave of coronavirus hits

Trump’s Take

Yesterday, that is, on the 21st of May, Donald Trump Confirmed publicly that he isn’t at all planning to close the country no matter what the situation.

He went on to say that the US will stand out to remain open even if the second wave of coronavirus hits the universe.

He said people have an assumption about its second major hit and that it’s pretty much possible.

But it is standard and it doesn’t bother him much because nothing can now shake the will of all Americans, he said.

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What Proceeds

He went on to say that they are now going to put out the fire and not close the country anymore.

It doesn’t matter if its an ember or a flame, he assured the whole country will put it out but shutting the entire country isn’t an option anymore.

Health care workers and experts have undeniably talked about the insane after effect of the virus and how it is going to persist for some more time now.

It might become even tougher to contain and kill once flu season begins.

Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had reportedly spoken about this issue.

He said that there was no doubt this virus was going to spread now like wildfire.

It isn’t, of course, going to just blatantly disappear. Its a highly transmissible virus and as long as there’s even one slight case of it, a resurgence will occur.

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Global Surge

Whereas other countries have maintained distancing and ordered businesses to shut down, the US has been apprehensive and has restarted economy already.

Even the epicentre of the outbreak. New York City has been ordered to restart business work.

All 50 states have been ordered to reopen their locked businesses and get back to normalcy.

The virus that bloomed in the Chinese city of Wuhan has infected and killed over 5 million people in the entire world.

More than 1.5 million reported cases in the US alone and about 94,000 deaths have been blistering.

Nonetheless, Trump is determined to get the economy surging and has encouraged voters to do the same.

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