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Fire Force Season 2: Would we see Shinra Kusakabe in the Second Season? Everything We know so Far


David Mudd

The second season for the animated series Fire Force had been already announced. The fans are eager to see more after the successful first season. Besides, they are waiting to see more Shinra Kusakabe’s story as it develops. An exact date for the release of Fire Force season 2 is not yet confirmed though it is expected to happen in July of 2020.

The season is getting ready with a reputed team of creators that include David Production Animation Studios as Producers. The direction team will be from the David production and Yuki Yase known for works like Hidamari Sketch* Honeycomb.

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Fire Force

Plot Line of Fire Force Season 2

The first season of the Fire Force already managed to create enough amount of sources for an epic story in season 2. After all, the second season will also be based on the manga. So, if you are eager to know what happens, you can read the manga.

It says the story of a youth named Shinra Kusakabe. He gained “Devil’s Footprints” as a nickname for his ability to ignite his feet. Shira begins to find the truth behind the death of his family 12 years ago. The story is taking place in Tokyo in the year 198 of the Solar Era. There the fire brigades fight against phenomena of human beings changing into living infernos called Infernals.

The Fire Force season will contain 24 episodes. It is still a surprise because the series is already confirmed to have four seasons. The next season will land just after 5 months from the release of the second season.

Fire Force

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