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Top Epic Differences Between Fire Force Manga And Anime!


David Mudd

2 years after the end of the iconic manga series Soul Eater, writer and illustrator Atsushi Okubo came up with yet another breakout manga series Fire Force in 2015. Then fire force manga series was picked up by Funimation for anime television series.

And ever since, fans are finding major differences between Fire Force’s anime adaption and manga series. So, going ahead in this post, I’ll discuss some of these major differences. So, let’s get started:

Fire Force Plot

Fire Force is the story of the 3rd generation of pyrokinetic youth named Shinra Kusakabe aka Devil’s Footprint. He got this nickname for his ability to ignite his feet at his will. 12 years back, in an attempt to kidnap his younger brother, Shō Kusakabe, a fire broke out resulting in the death of their mother.

Fire Force Manga Vs Anime

So, he joins Special Fire Force Company 8 where other pyrokinetic have a common goal of ending the Infernal attacks for good. In the meanwhile, investigating Companies 1 through 7 for potential corruption in their ranks.

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And soon he learns that a mysterious doomsday cult behind the recent Infernal attacks was behind his mother’s death. With Shō Kusakabe by his side, how Shinra will bring justice to the doomsday cult? You can find the answer by watching Fire Force Season 1 or Fire Force Manga Series.

Fire Force: Major Differences Between the Anime & The Manga

Thanks to the flashy & funny portrayal of pyrokinesis in the Fire Force manga series & anime series, fans are introduced to a new visualization of the concept of fighting fire with fire.

The Fire Force manga series started on September 23, 2015, & it’s still running strong with 26 chapters consisting of 231 fire force chapters.

As for the anime series, Fire Force season 1 aired 24 episodes between July to December 2019, and then exactly one year later, Funimation released Fire Force Season 2 between July 2020 to December 2020 for 24 episodes.

Even though both the anime series & manga series have remained major hits in their respective fields, it becomes necessary to figure out the major differences between them. Now, let’s get started:

Shinra’s Nervous Tic

Fire Force anime series and manga series opens with an action-packed intro as we witness gruesome fire breaking out. Then at that exact moment, there was a strange tic on Shira’s face.

In the Fire Force manga, Shinra can be seen explaining that he gets a sudden tic on his face when things start to get tense for him. Hence, sharing a quick look at Shira’s social struggle. This particular scene is completely left out from the anime series.

Fire Force Censorship

Fire Force manga showcases its dialogue in light and good humour, making it a non-PG manga. So, to avoid this, the Fire Force anime series has cut down on insults thrown around in its dialogues. Now, the censored version is just enough to be one step out of the familiar trench.

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Manga readers that aren’t good at Japanese know about all the changes that came with its anime adaption.  However, Fire Force’s playful theme has managed to keep the fun alive in the anime series.

Thoughtful Moments

The Fire Force anime flashes a very stunning and colourful trajectory. Hence, never slowing the pace of showing some contemplative moments. On the other hand, the manga series displayed the same moments to give a sense of depth to each of the characters.

Deja Vu

When a manga series is adapted to anime series, it’s expected to see minor changes and deleting scenes. However, it’s normal as these measures can be beneficial at such extant.

In the Fire Force anime, an entire scene for Yuu’s introduction was completely changed to something else. This further leads to the anime series getting condemned from the very beginning.

The Devil’s Footprints

At the start of this post, I mentioned ‘The Devil’s Footprints’ as a nickname of Shinra Kusakabe. He was given this name because of his ability to shoot flames from his feet. He dreams to become an active and practising superhero.

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Both, in the anime series & manga series, he saves the life of Company 8’s Nun Sister Iris. Right after this, he had enough approval to get his firefighting gear custom-made right out of the gate. In this aspect, the anime series has made some harmless changes to its manga series.

Obi’s Gorilla Theory

The 6th difference in the list comes in the form of Captain Obi or most commonly known as the ‘Gorilla of Company 8’. He’s a guy who can stacks weight on himself like a game of Jenga Blocks and that too standing on a yoga ball one-legged.

That’s amazing. Isn’t it? But the journey wasn’t easy for him as he reached this position because of sheer strength. There’s a saying –

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

However, Captain Obi has the wisdom to know his powers and what to do with them. And that’s probably the reason why he has earned the respect of everyone around him. He’s always one step ahead in sharing his knowledge with others.

In a manga chapter, he can be seen explaining a bodybuilding rule to his newest recruit, Arthur Boyle. But don’t know why this scene was trimmed down from the anime series.

Dual Abilities

In Company 1 of Fire Force, there’s a priest and a second-generation lieutenant named Karim Flam. He’s a young man with short, straight dark grey hair with one of the more creative and complex pyrokinetic abilities. Both the readers and viewers of Fire Force were explained briefly Karim’s temperature-altering tuba.

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However, this wasn’t enough. He’s one of the coolest characters in the Company. Hence, needed some additional screen time. Even though does display an extra Infernal that is found and smothered by Karim’s refrigeration. However, this scene was particularly missed by fans in the anime series.

Get Lucky

In Fire Force, Fire Soldiers sign up without getting to know the reasons behind the random fires happening here and there. In reality, all they want is – fulfill their hidden motives.

Captain Obi, a famous figure in Fire Force followed his goal of finding the primary source of SHC (Sudden Human Combustion) & investigate the fire brigade itself. That’s why he was hell-bent on putting together company 8 in the first place.

Fire Force Season 3 Expected Release Date

Fire Force manga & anime series do have some differences to some extent. However, all this can be fixed once David’s production releases Fire Force Season 3.

Fire Force Manga Vs Anime

Fire Force season 2 ended on Dec. 10, 2020, & fans were expecting an official announcement for a new season. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, Fire Force season 2 ended by saying “See you later” on a mysterious cliffhanger. Even though there isn’t any official announcement, the final moments of season 2 have hinted that we’ll definitely get Fire Force Season 3.

Fire Force Season 1 covered its story from the manga volume 1 to the 3rd chapter of Volume 11. And Fire Force Season 2 covers from the 4th chapter of volume 11 to the 6th chapter of volume 20. As of now, Kodansha has published 26 volumes. I believe the production of Fire Force Season 3 is likely to delay until we’ve 30 Fire Force Manga Volumes. If that’s the case, Fire Force Season 3 might release sometime in fall 2021 or early 2022. When do you expect to see the next season? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Fire Force Have a Season 3?

Yeah, definitely. Fire Force season 2 ended on a mysterious cliffhanger with a message saying “See you later.” So, I believe the Fire Force will continue its story with a new season.

Are Fire Force and Soul Eater Connected?

Fire Force manga & soul eater is written & drawn by the same person – Atsushi Okubo. Soul Eater manga ended in 2013 & 2 years later Okubo created a new manga series titled fire force. Similar to Soul Eater, in between all the serious moments, there’s always a comedic scene to lighten up the mood. Hence matching the vibes of Soul Eater Manga. That’s not it. Time and again, easter eggs in Fire Force manga leads to the connection between soul eater and fire force. Officially, Okubo hasn’t confirmed such a connection between these two popular manga series.

How Many Episodes Are There in Fire Force Anime?

Fire Force Season 1 & Season had 24 episodes each. So, in total, there are 48 fire force episodes.

Where Can I Watch Fire Force Anime?

Fire Force anime is available on Crunchyroll & Funimation. So, you’ll need either of them to stream Fire Force and other popular anime series.

Who’s the Most Powerful Character in Fire Force Manga and Anime?

Benimaru Shinmon is the strongest captain in the special fire force.


That’s all for now. Despite all the differences between Fire Force anime & manga, both have managed to entertain their fans at the highest level. Now that fire force season 2 is over, what do you expect to see in Fire Force season 3?

When are you expecting to see its next season? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.