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Finding Ohana: Jude Wang Adventure Film of 2021!


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Do you also think in this article finding ohana means extending family? But here Ohana doesn’t relate with extended family. Here in this movie by Jude Weng it is a trip to Oahu, a rural place where the adventure journey of the two siblings starts to find the hidden treasure at that place or island and also to discover their Hawaiian Heritage.

When is the Finding Ohana Came?

It is the recent movie which was released on January 9, 2021 and ran for 123 minutes in English Language in The United States. Music in the movie is given by Joseph Trapanese and Priscilla Nedd Friendly edited this film Finding Ohana.

Christina Strain and Ian Bryce also gave their contribution to this Adventure film as a Writer and the Producer respectively.

Finding Ohana

Stars of the Finding Ohana are Kea Peahu, Alex Aiono, Lindsay Watson, Owen Vaccaro, Kelly Hu, Branscombe Richmond, Chris Parnell, Marc Evan Jackson and Ricky Garcia. Kea Peahu and Alex Aiono play the leading role of the two siblings Pili and Loane “E” and their mother is Leilani played by Kelly Hu.

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Finding Ohana: Summary or Plot

It is the story of the two Brooklyn Siblings named Pili and and loane “E” who raised by their mother in New York but shifted to Oahu soon as maternal grandfather health is not in a good condition and also his financial condition is not good enough to take care of himself.

Pili is the fan of Geocaching while her brother E is searching for the internet to complete his task and he is distracted due to poor internet connectivity.

While searching for an internet on Oahu he met Hana who is the local girl at that grandfather village or place and she also has big dreams.

Both of the siblings while on their trip to Oahu find and learn about their Heritage and when Pili is busy searching for hidden treasure Casper ( local boy) in that area helped her and they all four started their adventure journey in Oahu.

Finding Ohana Ratings and Reviews

Finding Ohana

On IMDB, the film holds the rating of 6.1 out of 10 with its decrease in its popularity day by day.

And this comedy, adventure, action and family movie whose tagline is’ Home is Where Ohana is’ received more than 150+ user reviews and top reviews written by the users for this film are- good drama of finding treasures with adventurer family members and a lot of family melodrama.

At first it is only said that it is just a movie but when you move forward to watch the movie you find interest in this adventure American movie.

Another positive review written by another user is that the film consists of funny moments and good action films and he really enjoys this cute and good movie while another user recommends watching this movie again and again as he loves finding ohana movies so much.

After discussing and telling you positive reviews now the turn of negative reviews came as the film received both mixed reviews and some of the negative user reviews are- bad acting and the dialogues used in the film sometimes destroy the whole film, other user wrote it that it is the childish movie and not for adults and great for kids only.

This PG finding ohana received 85% Tomatometer ratings with 20 reviews and 83% Audience score with 500+ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and on Metacritic the movie received 69%.

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Where to Watch Finding Ohana?

You can stream Finding Ohana on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and on DVD.

Here below official trailer of the Finding Ohana is given-

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is Finding Ohana based on Real story?

No, this adventure Finding Ohana is not based on True event or real story.

Can I Still watch Finding Ohana on Netflix?

Yes, Finding Ohana is still available to stream on Official Site Netflix and you can enjoy this funny and adventure movie with your family and friends as it is worth watching along with action and some funny drama.

Finding Ohana

What is the age rating of Finding Ohana Movie?

The Movie Finding Ohana received PG Rating for its language, adventure, action and crude reference. So children can also watch this movie as it is not an adult movie and a good movie for the children.

But parent guidance is must as some of the words used in the movies are bad besides this the movie is sweet and great to watch.

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Finding Ohana movie is already aired and available to watch by anyone as it is children friendly and not so many bad words are used.

The movie is currently available to stream on Netflix and there after watching Finding Ohana on Netflix you can search for other movies which are like Finding Ohana and these are Secret Magical Control Agency, Wish Dragon and The Goonies etc.