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Final Space Season 3 : Plot | Characters | Release Date

official poster of final space season 3

Poster of Final Space Season 3 released by Netflix

It is a common belief that cartoons are meant for kids and anything animated goes straight to the kids category. Well lately, the belief has considerably changed considering the animated shows for adults or mature audiences that have come up in recent years. Final Space Season 3 is way beyond fantasy.

Shows like Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, The Simpsons, or even South Park Central were some of the shows that played a defining role in creating great content for the adults in a medium where it was least expected. But that’s the thing, they didn’t stop making good things and here we are, back with another gem of a show, ‘ Final Space’.

The show might not have received a lot of limelight but mind you, once you watch the show, one can be sure to help hog it some limelight. The show currently started running Final Space Season 3.

About Final Space Season 3

Final Space season 3 was a delight to watch. The show had successful 2 seasons before this season and they were equally amazing. The science-fiction show has a great comic touch that explores the magnanimous world of Space. The American Adult drama is a creation of Olan Rogers. It was developed by Rogers and David Sacks to air on Adult Swim, a programming block for TBS and Cartoon Network late at night. The show has been famous not only for its great storyline but also for the perfect animation and illustrations involved in creating real-life space backgrounds, courtesy of NASA.

Final Space premiered on TBS on February 26, 2018, and on May 7, 2018, it was renewed for a second season. It was then shifted to Adult Swim in June 2019, and Season 2 aired there from June 24, 2019, onwards, with TBS showing the repeat telecast the next week. Post the termination of Final Space season 2, the program was renewed for another season just after a week. Finally, on 20 March 2021, the third Season 3 commenced.

The show boasts a gripping and deep storyline that can be hard to digest for the younger audience. It’s not just something that one can pick up or drop in between, courtesy of the elaborate, dark story which keeps one entranced.

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The Plot

A glimpse of episode 1 of Final Space Season 3 showcasing the startled Gary Goodspeed

The premise of Final Space Season 3 was based on the basic plotline that all the previous seasons carried. The story loosely revolves around Gary Goodspeed, who’s an astronaut, and Mooncake, an alien, and Gary’s friend who is supremely mighty. They together have various intergalactic adventures in order to protect the universe from few perils.

During Final Space Season 1, finally, Gary and his bold, daring companions are ready to traverse the chasm and find the answers they seek on the other side. We’ve watched Lord Commander pursue Gary throughout the first season, keen on reclaiming Mooncake. The first season’s thrilling conclusion revealed that the wicked Lord Commander’s ambition for Titan-hood had backfired catastrophically, resulting in the cosmic snatching of the whole planet.

The Season 2 of Final Space kickstarted with various interesting questions whose answers needed to be discovered. After a larger, enigmatic season, Season 2 began after the destruction of Earth. After the Battle for Earth, Gary and the gang along with newcomers Ash and Fox go on a dangerous journey throughout the galaxy to search and obtain the Dimensional Keys which could liberate Bolo and help them reach Final Space in order to save Quinn. They succeed.

As for the ongoing Final Space season 3, Gary Goodspeed, the crew, and Bolo are imprisoned inside the horrible realm of Final Space a month after liberating Quinn from her captivity, and it’s all a matter of survival. The Team Squad’s lone chance is to ally with Earth’s sole survivor before it’s too late, as they are hunted mercilessly by Invictus, the recently revived Lord Commander, and the Titans, all of whom are desperate to seize Mooncake in order to grow much more formidable. Theirs is an underlying wish to bring back Gary’s father, who was also stuck in the Final Space.

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Response for Final Space Season 3

Netflix Orginal Final Space Season 3 – Glimpse of the Trailer

Its marketing makes it look to be similar to several previous sci-fi films, but rest assured, it is not. As a show created simply yet most successfully, “Final Space,” grasps how to combine the sad and funny, the catastrophic and the ridiculous. The father-son connection is a recurring topic. The series is as captivating as it is because of several compelling, emotional moments between people. The characters linger in your mind. Getting the Earth again may appear to be an easy setting, but it’s actually about how much a person will go to reclaim what he’s lost, and it begs the issue of whether it’s worth it to resurrect the past.

The show has several fan clubs and has made users on Twitter and Reddit go crazy discussing the unprecedentedly growing plot adventure. It is relatively less known than various other adult comedy animations, but it’s no less. Garnering brilliant responses throughout the world and on rating sites, Final Space season 3 has registered a whopping 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.3/10 on IMDB. Final Space Season 3 can be streamed on Netflix, HBO Max, and even on Adult Swim’s platform.

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What after Final Space Season 3?

A still from episode 4 showcasing Gary Goodspeed

After the events of Final Space season 3, the viewers might be curious about what next to expect. Well, we shall witness how Gary and his team retaliate and take vengeance on Invictus and Lord Commander in the fourth season of the series. They’ve acquired some knowledge on the final space, which would undoubtedly aid them in their next conflicts. Exposure to long-hidden truths with the possibility of altering the Team Squad forever was hinted at in Season 3. So, considering this, we can be confident that the following season will be even more thrilling. However, Final Space Season 4 is yet to be announced. Till then, we can only speculate on the circumstances and themes for the upcoming season.


The show is a great watch if you love breathtaking drama, action, adventure along with a few bouts of laughter. In many ways, it’s a complete show. There are so many underlying themes that revolve around humanity and its complications in the backdrop of Space. Naturally, we can’t wait for the new season to be announced.

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