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Final Fantasy 7: Setting The Bomb Timer At The Initial Chapter


David Mudd

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here. And boy, it sure does meet all the expectations. The game is based on the episode.

So, the player is bound to make certain choices to proceed throughout the game. However, each decision will affect the route that you take in the game. It can make is full of rewards, or otherwise.

Now, there is a certain dilemma with the players that have started the game. In the initials chapter, you have to set the bomb timer.

It has 2 options: 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Now, you must know what to choose to make just the right choice. To ensure that, keep reading.

We have information about everything going about in the game.

Final Fantasy

What To Set The Time To In The Initial Chapter?

In the initial chapter, you are required to make a choice. You gave to set the bomb timer to something before you escape. So, you have two choices.

You can either choose 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Now many might choose the latter. But then you’d surely miss out on some stuff. If you choose 20 minutes, you’ll get some rewards in the game. They can be beneficial to you.

However, they are not rare, so they can be achieved otherwise as well. So, this choice depends totally on you.

You can take your sweet own time to get out of the place. But 20 minutes and reward are also delighting.

What Will It Mean In The Rest Of The Game?

Final Fantasy

However, such choices will also set a tone for the rest of the game. In the due course of the game, you’ll have to choose various things.

Now, if you make decisions carefully, you can make the most of the game. Or you’ll simply run out of good stuff.

Therefore, these decisions ensure how you go about in the game. And they should be made wisely.

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Now, this means that every player will have a different outlook on the game. To ensure that you enjoy the game fully, you might have to play it a few times.

Final Fantasy 7

Otherwise, you’ll simply miss out on the good stuff. So, ensure that you make good decisions and replay the game. That is the only key to enjoy Final Fantasy 7 to its best.