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Final Fantasy 7: Secret Scripts, Cut Content And Battle Barks; Voice Actors Of Tifa And Aerith Talk About The Recording


David Mudd

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been out for a while now. Long enough for people to have completed the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Behind-The-Scenes

If you’ve exhausted all of your topics of discussion, but aren’t quite willing to let go of this game, maybe take a look at some of its behind-the-scenes goings-on. The English voice actors for Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough had a lot of interesting information to share.

Britt Baron, who plays Tifa, and Briana White, who plays Aerith, sat down with gamesradar+ for an interview. They talked about the challenges, some of the strange work you have to do as a voice actor, and how much information they had about the game going into the recording booth.

Different Experience

Square Enix recorded the Japanese version of the game before coming to the English dub. This was a new experience for Britt Baron.

Final Fantasy

“Logistically, this was incredibly different to any video game that I had done before. That’s because it was first recorded in Japanese and we are doing the dubbing. As an actor, it was a different challenge for me! I would hear the line in Japanese first and then I would have to fit the translation in the same amount of time, down to like milliseconds,” she said.

Briana White, for whom this was the first voiceover role in a video game, also had her perspective to share. “It was very different from the traditional film and TV action that [I’ve done], but the directors made sure that we got absolutely everything that we could possibly get.”

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The Strangeness And Secrecy Of Recording For Final Fantasy 7 Remake

She also spoke about some of the weirder things that video game voiceover actors have to do. Battle barks being one of them. These are the effort sounds that actors have to make, which represent their characters punching, kicking, getting hurt, etc.

One would think that this would be difficult for a newcomer like White, but that wasn’t the case. “You know, I find this so funny. Based on the reactions that I got, I think I am, weirdly, naturally talented at battle barks. Even though I had no experience in creating them, I just naturally knew how they should sound. I was able to go in there and pretty much nail it right away.” she said.

Final Fantasy

They also had very little information about the game’s overall story before they started recording for it. “Video games, especially, are so top secret. I don’t get a script ahead of time, I don’t get any lines ahead of time. So you really have to strengthen that cold reading muscle and be confident in your character, because you’re making choices on the fly,” said Baron

They had a lot more to say on the matter, so check out the full interview yourselves.