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Final Fantasy 7: Role Of Sephiroth In The Remake


David Mudd

The final fantasy 7 remake has a relatively new take on Sephiroth. The previous version also had him. But this time, the antagonist is in a different light. He will be perceived differently. Also, there is a change in his role.

Even when he’s still the antagonist, he will have a quite different role. This time, he will not be a mystery. So the fans already know about him. But then there is also a battle to wait for. And that is how this remake ends.

It will conclude on the note of a battle with the Sephiroth that you have to defeat. But as we know, this will not be the last that you see of him. Previous fans must already be aware of it.

Final Fantasy

The Role Of Sephiroth Earlier

Earlier, the makers had developed a certain mystery on the character. They had built up the first past keeping him in the dark. Other people were considered as the antagonist.

However, there were hints of the rise of the Sephortih later. But when it happened, it was a surprise. This was something that has been a part of Final Fantasy 7. The antagonist was in a mystery until all the details were reversed.

And then he was in a fight with the protagonist. He was very powerful. Sephiroth is however developed differently now.

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The Role Of Sephiroth Now

However, now the roles have changed. Things are not the same in the remake as they were in the original game. Now, the character is already revealed in the beginning. There is no such mystery about him.

You already know him. And you know his powers. His powers are the same as before. There is no change in his character. Only the portrayal is less shady.

More About It (Final Fantasy)

Final Fantasy

In the end, you have a battle with Sephiroth. That will conclude the series. However, as we know, that will not be the last time that you see him.

You will have more of him. We aren’t getting rid of him too soon and so easily. So stay updated for more information about it.