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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Second Part Confirmed to be already in Development


David Mudd

Final Fantasy 7 was first originally released in 1997 and it became a clear hit. Besides, it regarded as an instant classic. Final Fantasy 7 made its empire in the game world through its cutting-edge production quality along with provocative storytelling. It’s RPG gameplay loop also got much appreciation. After the big interval, the Remake is out in the wild now. Besides, now the creators made it official that the part 2 for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is under development.

Rumors flew all around the industry for years and a final announcement happened in 2015 of a proper remake. Five years after the announcement, the new game is available now. Although, the new game titled as the First chapter in the Remake project.

Final Fantasy 7

Next Entry Might Come Early (Final Fantasy 7)

Fans and gamers are already worried and excited about the time it will take for the next entry in the project. But Square Enix already told that it will not take much time. Yoshinori Kitase is the producer for FFVI Remake. He confirmed the development is already going on. Although, there is not much information available about the development.

Even though there is not much information available. It is clear that fans do not need to wait for another five years for part 2. The development done for the part 7 Remake by an external developer, CyberConnect2. But after 2017, all development works entirely moved in-house at Square Enix.

Anything about a release date for the next Final Fantasy 7 title is remaining unknown. All we can say is that the subsequent titles will happen more sooner than the first entry of the title. It is because most of the groundwork included in the first development.

Final Fantasy

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