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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Unlock The Ending Scene From The Demo


David Mudd

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix company is known for its video games like Final Fantasy, Dragon games, etc. Square Enix is going to release a new video game called Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In 2015, Square Enix wanted to release FF7 (Final Fantasy) Remake. With all developments, it will be released on April 10, 2020.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is a very large game. Thus, the directors decided to release it in parts. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an action-packed game. From the trailer, we can say that on the left side of the screen at the bottom there is a prompt to display the moves.

We can assign shortcuts to the abilities and attacks. In this version, we can change control from one member to another very easily. Players’ statistics are there on screen at the right bottom. When you attack the enemy, he loses his points.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Plot

A mega-corporation is trying to use the earth’s resources as an energy source. Cloud strife joins an eco-terrorist organization to fight the mega-corporation. In the remake version, all the Final Fantasy 7 characters are present. But the trailer shows only 3 main characters.

Here is the trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

How To Unlock The Ending

The demo is one hour long. Play the demo. In the end, Cloud and Barret reach the mako reactor’s core. They will place the bomb there. They have to choose an option for the timer. If you choose 30 minutes option, Barret will say “That long enough for you”. That is the sign. It means that you choose the wrong option. The right one is 20 minutes.

You may think that time won’t be sufficient to escape but the escape path is straight. You can escape within 10 minutes, sparing 10 minutes. After escaping you will get the secret ending.

Ending (Spoilers Ahead)

In the end, Final Fantasy 7’s logo appears. Cloud experiences some vision, he stares into a distance. He looks completely shocked and surprised. Next, Sephiroth is seen surrounded by flames. This is a familiar scene from final fantasy 7 most of you might remember it.

Metacritic gave 92% rating to Final Fantasy 7. Hope Final Fantasy 7 Remake crosses this rating!!