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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Everything You Need To Know About Sephiroth

The most infamous video game villain Sephiroth was created in Final Fantasy 7. He is a well-known figure with a long sword and silver hair. Now with a remake, Final Fantasy 7 is coming to glow again in the gaming field with the new and returning characters. The first part of the game covers only a small part of the original version. It will not give many details about Sephiroth.

Conclusions from the trailers show that, in the new game, Sephiroth will come earlier. He will also have a complex story in his evolution. That what makes him more Machiavellian.

Final Fantasy 7:

Who Is Sephiroth

Thousands of years ago a parasite like alien life form called Jenova crash-landed on the planet. Jenova destroyed all kinds of life forms from all planted they reached. Then they used that emptiness of the planet to travel freely without any opponents. Once they crashed into Gaia. They used the life forms there to get close to their ancient race known as Cetra. By this, the dead Cetra got altered into monsters.

Members of the Shinra science department discovered the remains of Jenova. Then they started researches using Jenova bodies. A researcher named Lucrecia Crescent injected Jenova cells into Fetus resulted in the birth of Sephiroth. But Sephiroth always thought that there was something different in him from others.

Final Fantasy series

Sephiroth: The Fallen Hero

Sephiroth joined the elite fighting army of Shinra called SOLDIER at a young age. Because of his incredible power. He became one of the leading heroes in the army. People idolized him as their hero. Young children got inspired by Sephiroth’s heroism and brave mind. Which increased the personnel of Shinra’s army.

Sephiroth selected the Nebelheim mission as his last mission for Shinra. But Nebelheim changed everything. It was a small mission in which Sephiroth and Zack went to investigate a monster outbreak in Nebelheim Tower. But in the mission, they found an incubation tank. That tank filled with monsters that converted from humans. In that investigation, Sephiroth finds the remains of his ancestors. He also came to know more about his mother Jenova.

These realizations made changes in Sephiroth. He became obsessed with his origins and found many facts about his race and Creta. Also, he concluded that humans betrayed Creta and left them in the hands of aliens to die. He tries to reunite with his mother and revenge on humans and Shinra. His twisted ideas made him dangerous and vicious.


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