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Final Fantasy 7: How Many Episodes The Remake Will Have?

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 is a huge game. FF7 (Final Fantasy 7) Remake is the new version of Final Fantasy. In this, the makers are trying to bring a lot of new features. Changes will be made according to the new generation requirements.

All this takes some time. It is difficult to release the game in one episode. The game must have a minimum of 4 parts  We are not sure how many parts it will have exactly. It may have from 2-10 parts. But there are many predictions. Many experienced people are predicting 4 parts are for sure.

Fans should remember that it shouldn't take much time to develop the episodes. Next Episode is based on the ending of the previous episode. In the first episode, Cloud and the teammates escape Shinra tower and rescue Aerith. They escape Midgar.

Episodes Prediction

In the next episode, players will experience Aerith's Death. Sephiroth will manipulate the cloud to get back black Materia in episode three. Black Materia is an extremely powerful Materia. Materia is used to cast spells and develop abilities. Black materia is the oldest among all other Materias'. If Sephiroth gets his hand on black Materia he will become invincible.

Final Fantasy

While Sephiroth is manipulating Cloud, Shinra captures the other team members. Do you remember that Thor's Hammar is made from the heart of a burning star? Here also a meteor will be called to make new weapons. The final war will be the last episode.

In the final episode, Cloud will come out of the spell. He experiences mental trauma. Finally, Cloud will come back to the normal state and he will get ready to fight Sephiroth.

All these are predictions but they are based on Final Fantasy 7. The overall size of the game can be much more than 100GB. Since the first episode is occupying 7.0 GB. Detailing of Midgar City is heavy. Thus it may require more GB. So we cannot expect the game to be in less than 4 parts.

Final Fantasy 7:

You may have to spend a bit more on this remake. Wait till April to get access to the game.

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