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Final Fantasy 7: Corneo’s Stashes, Details And Where To Find Them


David Mudd

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is out now and players are having a blast back in Midgar. In the original Final Fantasy VII, the Midgar section was just a fraction of the overall story. However, Square Enix has expanded that arc into an entire story of its own in the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Numerous Side Missions

One of the ways they’ve expanded the remake is through additional world-building, more character moments, and side missions. These side missions, in particular, will take up a decent chunk of your playtime, should you choose to complete them.

Some even span across the Remake’s many, many chapters. The side mission to find Don Corneo’s Secret Stash is one of them. You can’t officially start this sidequest until Chapter 14. You can do some things beforehand, though, to make this quest a breeze. Here’s how you can get started on this quest.

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Some Pre-Requisites To Find Don Corneo’s Stash

You start off by heading to Sector 5 and talking to Damon, the reporter. You’ll find him a little bit north of Sector 5’s Central District. Also in Sector 5, go ahead and have a chat with a character named Johnny near the Train Station. Doing so will help you start the Tomboy Bandit side quest.

Once that’s done, you head up to Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills and Steel Mountain, toward Lookout Point. Here, you’ll find a character named Mirielle. You’ll also notice that the key item “Corneo’s Vault Note” is sitting right next to her. Have a chat with her, pick up the note, and then head to the church where Cloud meets Aerith.

Here, you’ll see Kyrie standing over the flowerbed. She’ll let you fight her Coliseum battles if you talk to her, and that’s a key part of the side mission. Once you’re done talking to her, head to Sector 6, where the Coliseum is.

You’ll have to fight the Beastmaster and his Hellhound to progress. It’s a challenging battle, but just keep in mind that the Beastmaster is weak to Fire spells and the Hellhound is weak to Blizzard spells. Just spam those and you’ll coast through.

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Collecting The Three Stashes

After you beat them, get back to Kyrie, and she’ll give you the keys to Don Corneo’s vaults. So, now you have the locations, and the keys to open up his stash.

Now, you simply need to waltz over and collect the stashes. The first two are simple enough. One’s in the Sector 5 junkyard, another’s to the right of the collapsed expressway. For the third one, you have to wait until you enter the sewer’s under Don Corneo’s house.

Here, you’ll eventually come across a ladder with a switch next to it. Don’t go up the ladder, but pull the switch instead. The water level will drop, and you’ll find the third stash.

Welp, that should do it for you. Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently only available on PS4.

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