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Final Fantasy 16: Should the New Game be more like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?


David Mudd

Final Fantasy is one of the infamous and longest-running gaming franchises in the industry. It came a long way about 32 years after its debut. Many things happened in between these years. Many mainline entries, sequels, and spin-offs came. The last entry from the franchise was in 2016 which is Final Fantasy 15. It continued the journey of open-world action-driven installment. There is already a Final Fantasy 7 Remake is looming. However, now the eyes are on the future of the franchise. Do Final Fantasy 16 become worthy in the franchise like its predecessors.

Something went wrong with Final Fantasy in its development. It hampered its creative vision. It revealed to the public in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus 13. After seven years of that announcement, it revealed again as Final Fantasy 15. At last, it released in November 2016. Director of Final Fantasy 15 was Hajime Tabata.

Final Fantasy

Expectations in Final Fantasy 16

There were a lot of issues in Final Fantasy 15. The incomplete narrative was one of the main faults happened with it. It needs a complete anime series to understand the overall meaning. The biggest fault happened with its simplified role-playing elements.

There are hopes for Final Fantasy 16 without the faults that happened with the Final Fantasy 15. It is considered to be launched on PS 5 and Xbox One X. Unlike Final Fantasy 15, the Final Fantasy 16 won’t have mecha at all. Besides, the director for the new entry is Naoki Yoshida. Like every other game in the franchise. This also features fantasy elements like in the past.