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FIFA: Here Are The Details And Updates On Upcoming FIFA World Cup Qualifiers


David Mudd

Everyone is going to be in the spirit of football as the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers will get closer. Like all seasons, fans are super excited about it this year and are looking forward to the performances of their favorite teams. They have waited for this moment for long and can’t keep calm now that it is approaching.

But what is an issue of major concern is that coronavirus is simultaneously spreading across the world.

This has made people more conscious about their health and they are now worried about how the games will happen. Maintaining the general health protocol, FIFA, in association with AFC have agreed to postpone the matches.

Upcoming FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

The Asian Qualifiers for the match have been postponed as of now. The World Cup is scheduled in 2022 and will take place in Qatar.

Following that, the teams that are qualified now will be appearing then. These qualifiers are therefore very crucial for the players and the fans as well. They have tried to be on their best performance for the upcoming matches.

In association with the Asian Football Association, AFC, FIFA announced that it will be postponing the matches that were to take place in the Asian subcontinent. They will be kept for a later schedule when the fear and effect of coronavirus would be reduced.


Things You Should Know

Many fans are disappointed with this news as they were looking forward to the game. But it must be noted that the game is postponed and not canceled. The qualifiers will take place in the 1-10 June time bracket. It will decide what teams will be going ahead this season for the finals in 2022.

Maldives’ match with China was already moved to Thailand. It was scheduled to be played without any audience. But more discussions have now prompted the organizations to stop any matches right now.

What To Look Forward To?

You should keep your popcorn ready for June. The series will surely be interesting. They will be a major factor in deciding the ultimate FIFA champion for 2022. So, fans should keep on cheering for their teams and stay positive. It is presumed that the impact of coronavirus will reduce and even stop by June.