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FIFA: Here Are The Asian WorldCup Qualifier Matches Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Amongst the outbreak of coronavirus, many events have been delayed. Health Organisations have warned against any public gatherings. Hence, people are getting more and more conscious of their safety. But, the last thing fans wanted to hear was the postpone of matches.

FIFA has issued an official statement about the delay of matches. It was first considered that matches be held without any audience. Some matches were scheduled in empty stadiums as well. But as it turns out, this is no longer happening.

Coronavirus Causes Postpone

Coronavirus has caused a lot of hustle and bustle. Many events are canceled on its account. FIFA fell for the same fate. The outbreak of coronavirus has made the authorities vigilant.

So, they made a note to ensure that they take the necessary precaution in light of public health. The matches will take place when the virus outbreak will be controlled.

In this view, they announced to postpone matches as of now. But the fans have crushed their hopes of being able to see the matches now. 2020 was supposed to be a very happening year. But as the months are unfolding, millennials are in dismay. Although it is noted that matches will happen later in the year, people are disappointed with how the wait went in vain.

List Of Matches That Are Postponed

Most matches that had to take place in the Asian subcontinent are postponed. A list of the major matches that are postponed for later includes:

  • North Korea vs Srilanka
  • Australia vs Kuwait
  • Japan vs Myanmar
  • South Korea vs Turkmenistan
  • India vs Afghanistan
  • The Philippines vs Guam
  • China vs the Maldives
  • Nepal vs Chinese Taipei
  • Thailand vs Indonesia
  • Iran vs Hong Kong
  • Bangladesh vs Afghanistan
  • Saudi Arabia vs Yemen
  • Palestine vs Singapore
  • The Maldives vs Syria

When To Expect The Matches To Happen?

The matches are scheduled for June. You will be able to enjoy these matches in the first week of June, reportedly 1-10 June.

Because it is expected that the outbreak will be controlled by then. The fans will be expected to have the same excitement and cheer their teams in the same enthusiasm as of now. So, mark your calendars and get ready for the biggest games of the season.

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