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Fetterman, Oz in bruising US Senate race in Pennsylvania

John Fetterman won Pennsylvania’s pivotal race for U.S. Senate. The Democratic representative won the election against the Republican. This emerged as a great hope among the people of Democrats who win against Republicans. The members of Democrats are already hoping that this will help the party to move further with the elections and regain power over the USA and boost the power of President Joe Biden for the upcoming two years. 

Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, who became a powerful representative of the party defeated Dr. Mehmet Oz, the well-known celebrity of the country who is already a kind spokesperson and well-known surgeon. Dr. Mehmet Oz started the journey which later turned out to be quite competitive for the people. 

For the victory, Fetterman credited every citizen who has given his precious vote to him. He said that his victory is because of the “every county, every vote” campaign strategy. We saw how tattooed and hoodie-wearing candidates bring the Democratic Party back to the campaign and bring their chances to be in the election. 

Earlier, after the numerous wins of the Republic, the members of the party started to wonder about the future of the party in the country. There have been a lot of conditions that affected the performance of the party over the past few elections. 

“And that’s exactly what happened,” Fetterman, 53, told a cheering crowd early Wednesday at a concert venue in Pittsburgh. “We jammed them up. We held the line. I never expected that we would turn these red counties blue, but we did what we needed to do and we had that conversation across every one of those counties.”

He told the crowd he ran for “anyone that ever got knocked down that got back up.”

He continued: “This race is for the future of every community across Pennsylvania, for every small town or person that felt left behind, for every job that has been lost, for every factory that was ever closed, and for every person that worked hard but never got ahead.”

He has already vowed to be honest and serve the country with pride and faith. He was also said to be the “51st vote” to pass foundational legislation to protect rights to abortion, health care, same-sex marriage, unions, and voting, as well as to raise the minimum wage.

The supporters of Fetterman are already excited over his win. One wrote, “Congrats to John Fetterman on his victory last night, not familiar with his policies I’m just happy a treacherous ottoman like Oz was made to taste defeat like his ancestors did during the Hellenic revolution of 1821”

It came to light that Fetterman was majorly favored by the Youth. The youth of the country was responsible for holding the accountant responsible for his victory. One report said, “We can’t talk about @JohnFetterman without talking about the youth vote. Almost 79% of young people voted for Democrats in the early vote & more than 70% of young people voted for Democrats based on PA exit polls. Young voters helped turn Pennsylvania blue.”

Tucker said, “John Fetterman in winning shattered the thickest of all glass ceilings, which for centuries has prevented the unapologetic brain-damaged from winning statewide elections. John Fetterman is not just a U.S. senator now. He’s a pioneer.”

Despite the voting being announced, it seems like there is a no-ending battle between the supporters of Democrats and Republicans. People have already started a Twitter war, making it a hot topic. 

We already know that Fetterman, as compared to his Opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz is not a fluent speaker, in previous times, the leader has been seen facing many issues because of his speaking. When it comes to talking to the media, Fetterman has lost many times. 

People started to point out how Fetterman has won over Oz, who is known for his powerful speech and talks intellectually One wrote, “If Katie Hobbs a candidate that wouldn’t even debate Kari Lake just happens to win the election in Arizona, and a candidate such as John Fetterman that can’t even speak has won over Dr. Oz, in Pennsylvania, then something has gone wrong in America!”

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