Ferry Netflix Release Date: Is it Officially Confirmed?


David Mudd

Netflix is all set to release a new film named Ferry Netflix. Ferry Netflix is an original Belgian criminal thriller film that debuted on the streaming service on May 14, 2021. The trailer for this film was recently uploaded on YouTube. Cecilia Verheyden directed the film, which was written by Nico Moolenaar and Bart Uytdenhouwen. The tale of this film begins in the city of Amsterdam. The narrative centers around Ferry, a cruel guy who is required by his employer to show his commitment. Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Huub Stapel, Monic Hendrickx, and Raymond Thiry are among the cast members of The Ferry. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ferry cast. 

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Plot of the Film: Ferry Netflix

The primary character in this film, Ferry Netflix is a man named Ferry Bouman. This film follows Ferry Bouman as he faces a difficult decision between acting against his people and becoming disloyal to brothers in his current life. Ferry Bouman abandoned his family and a life he didn’t desire to follow his aspirations. Years later, he has become a lieutenant of a drug lord, Ralph Brink who has complete trust in him. This man is a strong criminal and Ferry’s mentor. This middle-aged guy is confronted with his prior life and must confront his decisions and loyalties. In order to pursue our aspirations, we may have to leave our homes and families behind. But can our current duties force us to work against our roots? In the narrative of relationships and loyalties, Ferry must make this difficult decision.

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One day, an event occured, the gang is violently attacked resulting in the criminal group being utterly mugged up. Ralph’s son had been hurt in the ensuing mayhem. As the group plots to inflict retribution and find the perpetrators. All of the evidence points and focuses on a group of Campers at Brabant, a place and life Ferry abandoned years ago. Ferry returns to his beloved Brabant, from where he escaped many years ago, after a long absence. He returns to a painful reunion with his cherished family, with a plan of vengeance in mind. Although the circumstances were tough. However, old relationships and recollections of a life he no longer lives begin to creep into his mind. Ferry must now make the most difficult decision of his life: unleash violence against his family or betray his friends and mentor.

End of the Movie, Ferry Netflix

Finally after being in the dilemma for long, he went back to being a camper. He also had to abandon and meet with his attractive neighbor Danielle. She is progressively crawling under Ferry’s skin. In this film, this man’s trip will lead to some unexpected events, putting Ferry’s allegiance to the test. If you are unfamiliar with European geography, we can tell you that the region of Brabant was a Duchy that split into two sections when Belgium gained independence from the Netherlands in 1830.

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Cast of the Film: Ferry Netflix

Frank Lammers

Frank Lammers plays the major role of Ferry Bouman in the Ferry Netflix cast. He is a member of a drug empire, and his boss has asked him to return to his home province of Brabant to avenge the attack that took place on his gang. However, in this instance he falls in love with a woman from his hometown which transforms his life entirely. Frank has also appeared in the shows The Enclave and Undercover.

Elise Schaap

Elise Schaap, is also casted in the movie Ferry Netflix, with her playing the role of Danielle. She is the lady Ferry finds very beautiful. Elise has appeared in several Dutch films, including Bride Flight, Then What is Love, and April, May, and June. She also appeared in television series such as Undercover and The TV Canteen.

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Huub Stapel

Huub Stapel, who plays Ralph Brink in Ferry Netflix, is among the cast members. Brink is Ferry’s employer, and he urges him to put his allegiance to the test. Huub has appeared in movies such as A Perfect Man, Alles is Liefde, and Rent a Friend.

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Monic Hendrickx

Ferry’s ensemble also includes actor Monic Hendrickx, who plays a vital part. In the film, she plays the part of Claudia Bouman. Monic made her film debut in the film The Polish Bride. She has worked as a presenter on the show Crown Witness. De Belofte van Pisa, Het Bombardement, and De Brief voor de Koning are among the films in which he has appeared.

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Raymond Thiry

Ferry also stars Raymond Thiry, who plays the role of John Zwart. Raymond was most recently featured in the film Quo Vadis, Aida? as Major Rob Franken. He has appeared in movies such as Bros Before Hos, The Paradise Suite, and My Foolish Heart. The actor may also be seen in the film Undercover.


In case you didn’t know, we would like to inform you that the territory of Brabant was a Duchy that split into two pieces when Belgium gained independence from the Netherlands in 1830. Both Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap are depicted as younger versions, as are Raymond Thiry, Yannick van de Velde, Maerrten Heijmans, Huub Stapel, and Monic Hendrickx. It is expected that the film, Ferry Netflix will be released on May 14, 2021. And this Belgian picture will be well received by the audience. Have you seen the trailer yet? You want to see the movie, Ferry Netflix? Please share your ideas in the comments area, and be sure to visit our website for more information about animation and other great stuff.