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Feel Good: What To Expect From Mae Martin’s Netflix Semi-autobiographical Dramedy

Feel Good is an upcoming drama comedy Netflix original series. The shown is both created and starred by Mae Martin.

Feel Good Plot

Feel Good is a semi-autobiographical story about Mae Martin. She navigates us through her life and her relationship with her straight girlfriend, George, who was heterosexual until she met Mae.

She’s a recovering addict and a stand-up comedian working in local clubs. The show will take us through her newfound relationship with George, her parents and friends at the same time struggling with her career.

Feel Good: Release Date

The show will air with six episodes on March 19 2020. Talking about the show, Mae Martin said, “I’m beyond excited for people to see my semi-autobiographical show ‘Feel Good finally’ “.

She added, “I hope that people laugh, connect with the characters, and root for Mae and George as a couple. We tried to make a show that is funny, heartbreaking, and occasionally completely bizarre because that’s what life is like.”

Feel Good: Cast

Mar Martin will lead the cast along with Charlotte Ritchie, Lisa Kudrow, Adrian Lukis and Shopie Thompson in significant roles. The cast seems excellent, just like a feel-good cast. We hope the show meets our expectations.

Lisa Kudrow, who requires no introduction, the all-time favourite TV show ‘Friend’s’ star, will play the mother of Mae.

What You Can Expect From Netflix’s ‘Feel Good’

We all love a good old romantic series but also fed up seeing a guy running after a woman. This time we’ll get feel-good vibes from a lady dynamic. It’ll explore the relationship between two girls Mae and George. They are the perfect example of Einstein’s theory opposite attract each other.

Mae is a stand-up comedian waiting for a break in her career at the same time struggling with narcotics addiction and perusing a relationship with George who’s never dated a girl before. Feel Good explores new genres that we are not so familiar with.

The relationship between Mae and George is the backbone of the series, and it’ll surely give you goosebumps. If you’re someone looking for a reality series with good humour and pure romance, this is the one for you.

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