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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 And Many More!


David Mudd

The second half of season 7B of Fear the Walking Dead went by in a flash. The second half of this season contained a lot of episodes that focused on the characters, and they rapidly wrapped up the conflict over the Tower and moved on. What will the last two episodes have in store for us? The audience will find out in due time.

The episode “Divine Providence” from the week before left viewers with a variety of emotions. On the one hand, it did pay tribute to the characters from the first season, Strand, Alicia, and Daniel; on the other hand, the plot with Wes becoming a villain was poorly developed.

When Alicia and her army arrive at Strand’s front door, he extends an invitation for her to come in for a conversation while they have a drink. Daniel, who is under the impression that Ofelia is being held prisoner inside the Tower, goes after her.

During the course of their conversation, Wes expresses his displeasure at the situation as a whole and, without much difficulty, assumes command of the Tower and the Rangers, who had been quite devoted to Strand up until this point.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16

After finally recalling that Ofelia has passed away, Daniel makes the decision to be at Charlie’s side when she passes away. This is something that he was unable to do for his own daughter.

On Sunday, May 29, at nine o’clock p.m., AMC will play the following episode, which is titled “Amina.”

The following is a plot summary for this episode:

As the survivors prepare to escape the area by raft, Alicia turns back to save one more person trapped in the fallout.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16

The title of the penultimate instalment of season 7B is “Gone,” and it will make its debut on AMC+ on the 29th of May. This episode will be broadcast on AMC on Sunday, June 5 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, and it will be immediately followed by the first episode of Talking Dead since the season 7 debut in April.

This is the sixteenth episode of season 7, and showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg were responsible for writing it, while Sharat Raju was in charge of directing it.

Since the fourth season of the programme, Chambliss and Goldberg have held the position of showrunners, and throughout that time, they have written a number of episodes for the series. The Walking Dead and World Beyond both include episodes that Raju has directed, and this is the fourth episode of Fear the Walking Dead that he has directed.

The plot of “Gone” may be summarised as follows: Morgan makes the acquaintance of a new ally who ultimately proves to be more problem than Morgan had anticipated.

The seventh season will come to a close with this episode, which also serves as Madison’s comeback. What repercussions does this have for the narrative? After the events of season 7, in which several characters passed away, will Madison return with additional people?

Will Madison serve as this alliance’s ally? If this is the case, what kind of problems will she create Morgan?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Ending Explained

At this point in the series, it wouldn’t be an episode of Fear the Walking Dead if we didn’t say goodbye to another character, would it? However, even by the standards of this programme, the events leading up to what seemed to be the show’s final episode on Sunday were… difficult.

Alicia felt that earlier in the season, she had been assisted by a mystery young girl, and she spent most of “Amina” hanging out with her. The youngster had the selfless intention of rescuing her pal from the encroaching horde of radioactive walkers and the burning Tower at Strand. And who was it that we thought he was…? The obvious choice is Victor. Where is the child? Alicia has been having hallucinations of herself as a younger version of herself.

After all was said and done (so much spoken), as Daniel, Luciana, Dwight, Sherry, and the rest of the group sailed sail for safer waters, Alicia also placed Strand on a raft. I have no clue why the heinous criminal was allowed to accompany them on their escape from justice. Shouldn’t they have considered him the very last person they’d want to have around at that point?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16

In any event, Alicia’s final and sole breakdown took place at that same moment. Wait, no. She eventually regained consciousness again, and this time she appeared to have been completely healed of the zombie fever. She also reported to her Mini-Me that she felt more like herself than she had in a very long time.

A significant number of viewers who began watching the show early on AMC+ appeared to believe at that moment that our protagonist had passed away. But if it were true and she had entered some type of afterlife, why didn’t she get her arm back when it was sawed off? And when she went back to the Tower to help anybody who had heard her message to go there, why did she bother to put on a radiation mask?

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