Fear Street Part three: 1666 Movie Review- Final Part Explained



Popular Teen-drama show, Fear Street Trilogy has already released its two parts back to back. The audience has positively responded to this horror show and now the third and final part of this series is in talk. Fear Street Part three: 1666 is the last and final part that will unfold all the unsolved mysteries for this drama. 

Like most of the recent Netflix shows, the only thing that makes them similar is their LGBTQ+ representative. Fans have pointed out that there isn’t necessary to have a queer relationship in the show and even this show has two such couples. 

Never mind, Netflix always has the habit to build up these kinds of relationships irrespective of the plot. The show, which follows the horror and mystery of the Shadyside mall, has attracted a lot of people lately. 

Netflix has made the three parts of this trilogy, releasing with the gap of one year. As for now, two parts of Fear Street are already released and the final part is already here. Let’s take a quick look at the finale party and learn what happens in the series. Keep your eyes on this article to get all the updates. 

Fear Street Part three: 1666 – What is it About?

Fear Street Part three: 1666

The third part starts with the ending of part 2. If you have watched the second part of Fear Street then you would remember that Dena had joined the hand of Sarah with her body and all these things led to flashbacks of 1666. 

Now, the story starts with Dena being in the body of Sarah. You’ll find every single character that you have seen in the first and second part of the movie trilogy in the view. But they are not known by their original name and their name is changed, 

Everything looks great in the starting and Solomon Goode and Sarah are having a great time together. These two look quite close to each other. On the other hand, the young people of the union are busy talking in their special language and they were planning to have a night party. 

Sarah, Lessie, and Hannah went to buy some berries which are poisonous and they took them from some widow witch’s house. On the way back, these three girls were seen to talk about the witch which is 1000 years old and she feeds on Virgin’s blood to stay alive. 

Fear Street Part three: 1666

In the widow’s house, Sarah found a book that teaches about Black Magic. Surprisingly, a widowed witch came to the spot, and these three girls escaped from her place. 

The party starts and all these people have eaten those narcotic berries and are having fun. A guy named Calib starts to tease Hannah and Sarah arrives at that given spot. Sarah and Hannah then ran through the jungle and seem to be intimate. As many of you might know about their relationship but if you don’t then this might be a spoiler for you. 

But as we are familiar, whenever these two have an intimate scene, someone is looking. The same happens this time too.

Fear Street Part three: 1666 – Official Trailer

The third part has uploaded its official trailer on Youtube and if you haven’t got enough time to watch it, do it now. The trailer has been loved by many viewers as it gets darker than before. Also, people are hoping to finally solve the long mystery of two weeks through this part. Check out the trailer and comment down your reaction to it. 

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Is it Worth Watching?

Fear Street Part three: 1666

If horror and thriller is something that always excites you then you should definitely check this series. Based on the popular book series which shares the same name by R.L.Stine. As the novel is already famous among the readers, there is no denying that people will go and watch it. The story is portrayed in the time-lapse and you will find the story to get more into flashbacks. The best thing about this show is that it keeps the audience busy and maintains their interest in the story. 

Even more, the suspense is a must to die for. As the last part is already released and it does make the plot quite great. One thing to note here is that the writers have tried their best to make the story a little more different from what we all have read in the books and they succeed perfectly.

The third part, Fear Street Part three: 1666 is a perfect ending to the movie trilogy. As the story conveys all the things from part 1 and part 2, you will get a quality idea of everything. 

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What are the ratings of this show?

Ratings are always taken into consideration by the people. Both the critics and people have rated the show in a decent way. While the movie trilogy has different ratings and the third part is rated differently. In this section, we’ll take a look at the ratings of the Fear Street Part three: 1666 especially. 

The IMDb rating of the show is 6.7/10 and the rotten tomatoes of the final part are 92%. The Indian Express has rated the show with 4.5/5. Talking about the last i.e. Audience rating summary which is 4.4 stars. 

To conclude, the third part has received a great response. This horror thriller drama is a new Netflix release and if you want to check this series out, you can watch it on Netflix. 

Final Words 

Fear Street Part three: 1666 is released on 16 July 2021 and there are a lot of things that happen within the 1-hour time frame. The third part was the finale of this horror/thriller trilogy and it is worth watching. Revolving around the time of 1666, this story tells about the time when there wasn’t any shady mall but a place called union. We have seen the change in the name of the cast but don’t get confused as it was part of the story. 

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