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Fear Street Part 2: Fun Summer Camp Turns Into Survival!


David Mudd

What will happen if the past remains no past and horrifies you in the current time? Can you face your past horror incidents which are frightening you? What would you do in that case?

In this article we are discussing a horror film which is titled as Fear Street Part 2: 1978 which is second film in this fear trilogy and this film tells about the past fear and the teenager group who are going to spend their beautiful summer camp but it turned into horror and they have to survive as killer is chasing them to kill every person.

Leigh Janiak is the director of this American teen slasher film which came in 2021 along with its other two films which is its predator and succedetor. Janiak and Zak Olkewicz are script writer of this horror murder and thriller movie.

Fear Street Part 2 was based on R.L. Stine’s book series which focuses on the teenagers in Camp Nightwing and the struggle they do to survive from the teen killer in the name of curse.

Before taken the rights of production by Netflix the movie was produced and released by the 20th Century Fox in 2015 and Chernin Entertainment but cancelled the deal and later in August 2020 they sold it to Netflix to release its trilogy films which were filmed in Georgia in 2019 back to back which was set to air in 2020 but due to covid-19 the film didn’t release last year in theatres so the rights for streaming the film was given to Netflix and this year Fear Street all the three films released back to back.

fear street 2

Marco Beltrami and Brandon Roberts provided the best music to this film which came out on July 9, 2021 in the United States and one day before in Los Angeles. The running time of this horror and slasher movie was 110 minutes which run in English language.

It is the latest 2020 year Thriller and black Comedy movie in which a greedy or shark or you can call her a hustler woman tricks people and takes over properties of older people and she does it in an easy way by taking permission from the court in the name of taking care of old people. Read More: I Care A Lot: Black Comedy Thriller Movie. Release Date | Watch | Story!

Who Are the Members Who Contributed To Fear Street 2:1978?

These are the cast who performed in this slasher film which received positive response from the audience.

  • Ziggy Berman is played by Sadie Sink
  • Adult Ziggy or you can call C. Berman is played by Gillian Jacobs.
  • Cindy Berman by Emily Rudd.
  • Alice by Ryan Simpkins
  • Tommy Slater by McCabe
  • Young Nick Goode by Ted Sutherland.
  • Sheriff Nick Goode by Ashely Zukeman.
  • Nurse Mary Lane by Jordana Spiro.
  • Deena by Kiana Madeira.
  • Josh by Benjamin Flores.
  • Sam by Olivia Scott Welch.
  • Sheila by Chiara Aurelia.
  • Ruby Lane by Jordyn DiNatale
  • Gary by Drew Scheid
  • Arnie by Sam Brooks
  • Joan by Jacqi Vene
  • Kurt by Michael Provost.
  • Young Will Goode by Brandon Spink.
  • Mayor Will Goode by Mathew Zuk
  • Kate by Julia Rehwald.
  • Simon by Fred Hechinger.

Fear Street 2:1978 Release Date

fear street 2

The second installment in this trilogy released on July 8 and July 9 in 2021 in Los Angeles and in the United States respectively which ran for 110 minutes.

You can watch this movie on Netflix.

So this film is also based on that revengeful person story who takes revenge from one of the victim and her bad day becomes more worse when she beeps a horn in a traffic and the angry and psychopath Tom took the revenge from her due to his divorce from his wife and could bear what happened to his life. So he decided to take revenge from her as he was frustrated even after killing and setting her ex-wife and her boyfriend on fire. Read More: Unhinged 2020 American Thriller Movie Starring Russell Crowe!

Fear Street 2: 1978 Ratings and Reviews

On IMDB the filmed received 6.7 ratings out of 10 with decrease in its popularity. The movie got mixed user reviews and some of the top reviews are- one user wrote that it was a worthy follow up and camp fear lake, other said that part 2 is more good than its first part, fun slasher thriller film of 70s camp. This movie is better than its previous one.

On Rotten Tomatoes the film earned 88% Tomatometer ratings. So, enjoy this Fear street part 2 along with its first and the third part. And also search other thriller similar films on trendingnewsbuzz.com.