What Happened To Rina In FBI? Her Death & Aftermath Explained!



If you’re a fan of the FBI drama, you’re probably wondering, “Why did Rina leave the FBI?” In addition to “What About Rina Death on FBI?” and “What happened to Rina on FBI?”, viewers of the show are also curious about the character’s real-life whereabouts. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, you’ll find the answers to your questions about why Rina left FBI if Rina died on the FBI, and what happened to Rina on the FBI right here.

What Made Rina Quit FBI?

Because she is in the TV show FBI, Kathleen Munroe‘s character Rina Trenholm has become well-known. The first episode of the crime show FBI on CBS aired on September 25, 2018. The show was made by Dick Wolf, Arthur W. Forney, Peter Jankowski, and Turk for Wolf Entertainment, CBS Studios, and Universal Television.

Since Kathleen is still a recurring character, it makes sense to move her to the main cast. Some fans think that Rina is working with Vargas behind the scenes, which would make her a great permanent part of the show.

IMDb says that Kathleen doesn’t seem to be working on any other acting jobs that could take up her time. The last job she had was with the FBI. She is, however, working on other projects that could lead to something else.

As the FBI gets close to its fall finale in 2021, there are a few loose ends to tie up before the show goes on hiatus for the winter. For instance, the last episode ended tragically for Kathleen Munroe’s character, Rina Trenholm, the assistant director. Kathleen has been a part of the show since the year 2020, but she hasn’t been promoted to a lead role just yet. Many viewers are concerned that she could lose her job as a result of this scandal. Did Rina Die On FBI? Keep reading this article to learn more about Rina and the FBI.

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Did Rina Die On FBI?

Under these circumstances, we don’t know if this is a change that anyone would want. At the beginning of the episode, Jubal was still sad because Rina Trenholm had died just one day before the current story. Most likely, Rina’s death is also meant to show viewers that no one is safe in the “FBI.” We can understand how sad you must have been when the show ended so quickly if you really liked it.

How Did Rina’s Story End On FBI?

When Rina was shot in the midseason finale, the end of the story was set in motion. In the episode “Grief,” the FBI took a bad turn, which was a bad sign. After she had some problems in the hospital, her parents decided to take her off life support. They did this without telling Jubal that the woman he loved was going to die sooner than he thought. A hospital administrator had to tell him the news. The episode was hard for Jubal because he had to focus on a high-stakes case that needed all of his attention. Actor Jeremy Sisto said that Jubal’s reaction to hearing that Rina had died was “dangerous.”

Early in the show, Rina’s death was mentioned so quietly that Jubal was stunned. He knew her life support would be turned off later in the week.

fbi rina death

Just Who Is FBI’s Rina Trenholm, Anyway?

Rina Trenholm was the Special Agent in Charge in Newark, New Jersey. She worked her way up in the New York Field Office of the FBI to become the Assistant Director in Charge.

Rina Trenholm was born in the Massachusetts city of Cambridge in 1982. She went to Winsor Preparatory School and got her diploma in 1999. She stopped going to college for two years so she could work for the Peace Corps in Gambia. When Trenholm went back to the U.S., he went to Princeton University and got his degree in 2005. She has a BA in psychology. She went on to get a master’s degree in forensic psychology from George Washington University, where she was the first in her class to finish.

Trenholm joined the FBI’s Newark office and worked his way up to become the Assistant Special Agent in Charge. Trenholm moved from the Newark Bureau to the New York Bureau. In Newark, she was the interim ADIC until she became the ADIC. She has worked for and given money to a number of charities over the years, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

What About Rina Death On FBI?

At the beginning of the episode, it was shown that Rina Trenholm had been shot and killed just one day before the current plot, and it was clear that Jubal was still upset. He was offered counselling or even time off from work, but neither of these options interested him. He wants to keep going, good or bad. At first, we weren’t sure if this was the right path for him. Rina was not a small part of his life or the lives of those who knew her. This will make a difference.

For the good of the FBI as a whole, Rina’s death is probably meant to show that almost no one is safe. We don’t think they’re trying to kill off Maggie or OA any time soon, but they do want you to be worried and think that anything could happen at any time.

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