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Fauda Season 4: Coming Mid-Summers on Netflix?


David Mudd

The Action drama Fauda is coming back on Netflix in 2022 but when? There are many questions regarding the new season of Fauda which first premiered on Yes Oh in Israel.

It is one of the best dramas in the list of Netflix and in the production stage at this time, so it simply means we will get its new season globally before 2022 or in mid-summers of 2022.

The new installment of fauda is on the way as it was renewed last back in previous year and now all are waiting to watch this great amazing series which earned 8.3 ratings out of 10 on IMDB.

The show is watched worldwide but the most fan following of this show is in the United States.

Fauda Season 4

If you know about this series then you know how great the series is and if you’re unfamiliar about this, then I will tell you briefly about this series.

The story revolves around the undercover Israeli operative who is retired now and come back to live his life but when he heard that enemy is alive which they thought is killed back in fight, so he again go and started to hunt for a Palestinian militant to protect everyone after his retirement.

The first season of Fauda came back in 2016 then its second and third seasons came as the gap of 2-2 years in 2018 and 2020.

Lior Raz and Abi Issacharoff are given the credit for the success of the Fauda series on Netflix.

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Fauda Season 4: Renewed?

Yes, fauda season is renewed back and Yes platform is the distributor of this series in Israel while the series internationally came on Netflix.

It was reported by Israel Hayom that, “The series’ creator, Avi Issacharoff, announced last week that they are already working on a fourth season for the suspense series and the action that follows the plot of the undercover gang.”

Which simply means they are working on the fourth season and it was also seen through the official facebook page of Fauda that fourth season is returning back.

Fauda Season 4

According to the post -” The News we’ve all been waiting for! Fauda will be back for Season 4! See you all Soon!”

Lets see the first look trailer of Fauda 4 which is given below and you will also see Inbar Lavi in the new season who is seen in Lucifer.

Fauda Season 4: Release Date on Netflix

I know everyone is searching for the release date of Fauda season 4 but the exact release date or window date is unknown for the upcoming season and it is just a prediction that the fourth season of this drama may start to air from the 2022 summer.

But we are hoping that you will get the fourth season of Fauda before the end of this year and the season will wrap its new episodes soon.

We will update this section when new updates regarding this season come on the internet and we will also tell more things about the series and its cast members and plot when the season comes to air on Netflix or on Yes Tv channel.

Till then enjoy its previous on Yes Channel and on Netflix and also watch its previous season trailers to remind what happened in the last season.


The Fauda Series is coming back to release its fourth season and this series received 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. For other dramas and shows bookmark your favourite site

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