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You know how people say that nothing is impossible? Well, that’s no longer the case for the Fast & Furious franchise after F9 launched Tej and Roman into space. The movie franchise has transformed from a tale about racers and fast vehicles to a major international action phenomenon. Fast & Furious has evolved significantly from its roots in street racing over the course of the last nine films, but now this frustrating joyride is finally nearing its conclusion.

The tenth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, dubbed Fast X, will conclude the exploits of Dominic Torreto played by Vin Diesel. As the movie’s release date approaches, we are beginning to understand its main themes. Here is all we currently know about Fast X, from release dates and trailers to the cast, production information, characters, and storyline elements.

Fast X Release Date

In the US, Fast X is expected to be released on May 19, 2023. The initial release dates for the ninth and tenth movies were revealed by Diesel in February 2016. The tenth movie was initially scheduled for release on April 2, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused F9 to be postponed till the tenth movie’s release date, and then the tenth movie’s release date was postponed indefinitely. Diesel set a goal release date of February 2023 in June 2021. The movie’s official release date was set for April 7, 2023, in that August.

The movie is slated for a broad distribution, including in IMAX and other premium large formats, and was postponed to May 2023 in December.

Is There a Trailer for Fast X?

The official Fast X trailer, which was published on February 10, 2023, in advance of Super Bowl LVII, is appropriately as large, bombastic, and bloated as the franchise itself. It is set to a remix of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Notorious Thugs.” Fans are introduced to a number of new characters in the nearly 4-minute-long video, including Jason Momoa’s evil Dante, who also happens to be the son of Hernan Reyes, the drug lord that Dom and his family battled in Fast Five.

Rita Moreno, a Hollywood classic and Academy Award winner, plays Dom and Mia’s Abuelita Toretto in the trailer. Academy Award winner Brie Larson plays Tess, who is likely a new addition to Dom’s family. The last film’s main antagonist, played by John Cena’s Jakob Toretto, will now collaborate with his formerly estranged brother Dom, according to the video. You can watch a condensed version of the trailer that was also unveiled during Super Bowl LVII below:

The Fast X Cast: Who Are They?

Fans can anticipate that the majority of the main actors will return, even if the movie’s official cast list has not yet been revealed. Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Sung Kang, Nathalie Emmanuel, Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Jason Statham, Lucas Black, Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, Jason Tobin, John Cena, and Anna Sawai are some of the actors who fall under this category.

As Rico Santos and Tego Leon, Don Omar and Tego Calderon might also make a comeback. Jason Momoa, who plays the villain Dante in the forthcoming film, will make his franchise debut. His casting was announced in January 2021. The Suicide Squad’s Daniela Melchior has also joined the cast of the film; she will portray a Brazilian street racer with a connection to Dom.

Kurt Russell might also return as it’s unclear what will happen to his character at the conclusion of the previous film. She might possibly appear because there have been reports that Gal Gadot’s character might return. Cardi B will also be back for the conclusion of the story, it has been announced.

In addition, Vin Diesel has been aggressively attempting to get Dwayne Johnson to rejoin the series, so there is always the chance (however remote) that the Rock will appear in the film as well. Scott Eastwood, who played Little Nobody and stole several scenes in the eighth movie, will also be back for the tenth movie after missing the ninth one.

A role named Tess, who is described as a rogue agent from the Agency, has been cast officially, and it will be played by Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. Aimes, the new head of the Agency who butts heads with Dom and his family, has been portrayed by Alan Ritchson, star of the Reacher series on Amazon Prime Videos. Hollywood icon Rita Moreno will play Dom’s grandma in the film, according to Vin Diesel.

It was revealed that Leo Abelo Perry, who played in Cheaper by the Dozen on Disney+ last year, will be joining the cast as Brian Marcos, Dom’s son.

Fast X Release Date

Who Are Fast X’s Main Characters?

For Fast X, almost all of Dom’s family members are anticipated to appear. Here is a quick rundown of the key players:

  • Vin Diesel plays Dominic Toretto, a former street racer who is now a patriarch of his entire family and a global force against evil.
  • Jason Momoa plays Dante, the vengeful son of Hernan Reyes, a drug lord from Brazil.
  • Michelle Rodriguez plays Letty Ortiz, the brilliant racer and fearsome fighter who is Dom’s wife.
  • Jordana Brewster plays Mia Toretto, the sister of Dom who has two children with her partner Brian O’Connor (the late Paul Walker).
  • Tess, a rogue agent from the Agency who sides with Dom, is played by Brie Larson.
  • Jakob Toretto, Dom and Mia’s estranged brother, is played by John Cena. He was the main antagonist of F9 and a former black-ops operative, yet by the end of the film, he had made peace with his family.
  • Roman Pierce, played by Tyrese Gibson, was Brian’s former partner and a quick-witted charmer with great driving skills.
  • Tej Parker, another of Brian’s old friends, is portrayed by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Tej is a master technician and an excellent mechanic.

Fast X Release Date

  • Sung Kang plays Han Seoul-Oh, an old friend of Dom’s who wasn’t thought to be alive until F9.
  • Ramsey is a skilled hacker played by Nathalie Emmanuel.
  • The villain of The Fate of the Furious and a dangerous cyberterrorist, Cipher, is played by Charlize Theron.
  • Alan Ritchson plays Aimes, the Agency’s new leader and Mr. Nobody’s replacement.
  • Little Nobody, Mr. Nobody’s right-hand guy, is played by Scott Eastwood.
  • Deckard, Owen, and Hattie Shaw’s mother, Magdalene “Queenie” Shaw, is played by Helen Mirren. She is Dom’s sporadic ally and the matriarch of the Shaw family. Like him, she constantly prioritises her family.
  • Jason Statham plays Deckard Shaw, the son of Queenie and the person who many people believe killed Han. He is a former MI6 agent who is essentially Dom’s nemesis.
  • Sean Boswell, a former Drift King of Tokyo and Han’s former protege, is played by Lucas Black. As of F9, Sean resides in Germany where he works as a rocket builder for the military alongside his companions Twinkie (Shad “Bow Wow” Moss) and Earl (Jason Tobin).
  • Rita Moreno portrays Abuelita Toretto, adored by Mia and Dom.
  • Elle, a brand-new character that joined Dom’s group in F9, is played by Anna Sawai.

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Will There Be A Sequel?

A follow-up is currently being created, with the intention of using it as the eleventh and final main chapter. In February 2023, Diesel revealed a character that has been built who is “the antithesis of Dom” and revealed he wanted Robert Downey Jr. to feature in the final chapter as the main adversary.

Rodriguez stated that she wanted Matt Damon to appear in the finished movie. Later that month, Diesel appeared to confirm that the eleventh movie will be the last one in the main series when he said, “The effort done off-screen is what makes the movies more difficult. The extending and thinking… Mythologies are so difficult to keep alive. After a while, Tolkien stopped writing for a reason “.

Fast X Release Date

Who Is Behind The Production Of Fast X?

Justin Lin, who also directed F9 and all the films in the franchise between The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious 6, was slated to helm the movie. The filmmaker has since left the project, allegedly because to issues with Vin Diesel.

The most recent sources state that Fast X’s director has been replaced by French director Louis Leterrier. Films like The Transporter, The Transporter 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Now You See Me include Leterrier’s work.

When Did The Production Of Fast X begin?

Fast X started shooting in April 2022. The eleventh film’s delay prevented the two halves of the concluding plot from being filmed consecutively as originally planned. Rome and London are allegedly among the filming venues.

When And How Was Fast X Filmed?

The plot of Fast X is anticipated to continue where the previous movie left off. Despite possible flashbacks like in F9, the story will take place mostly in the present. Expect a lot of exotic locations and even more exotic automobiles because it’s supposed to be a huge narrative that will take the crew all over the world.

Fast X Release Date

What’s The Story Behind Fast X?

The Universal official synopsis is as follows:

The end of the road begins. Fast X, the tenth film in the Fast & Furious Saga, launches the final chapters of one of cinema’s most storied and popular global franchises, now in its third decade and still going strong with the same core cast and characters as when it began. Over many missions and against impossible odds, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family have outsmarted, out-nerved and outdriven every foe in their path. Now, they confront the most lethal opponent they’ve ever faced: A terrifying threat emerging from the shadows of the past who’s fueled by blood revenge, and who is determined to shatter this family and destroy everything—and everyone—that Dom loves, forever. In 2011’s Fast Five, Dom and his crew took out nefarious Brazilian drug kingpin Hernan Reyes and decapitated his empire on a bridge in Rio De Janeiro. What they didn’t know was that Reyes’ son, Dante (Aquaman’s Jason Momoa), witnessed it all and has spent the last 12 years masterminding a plan to make Dom pay the ultimate price. Dante’s plot will scatter Dom’s family from Los Angeles to the catacombs of Rome, from Brazil to London and from Portugal to Antarctica. New allies will be forged and old enemies will resurface. But everything changes when Dom discovers that his own 8-year-old son (Leo Abelo Perry, Black-ish) is the ultimate target of Dante’s vengeance.

Given that this is the final chapter, Fast X might turn to the crew’s younger members, particularly Dom and Brian’s children. Maybe the film ends with a flash-forward that demonstrates how those kids mature into the next generation of great racer agents, just like their parents. That’s something Jordana Brewster has also said she’d like to see in the finished films.

It would be more of a passing of the baton if that were the course the story was going to take. And if that’s the case, we should anticipate some emotional encounters between the crew and their children as they work to maintain the planet safe for their benefit. Of course, the issue of the villain still remains.

In the series’ climactic finale, Deckard Shaw ran across Han once again and was shocked to see him still alive. It’s probable that Shaw and his family would once more turn against Dom’s group in the forthcoming movie. However, Cipher was also still alive and evading capture at the conclusion of F9, suggesting that she might return in the role of the antagonist.

Fans may anticipate that the familia will embark on another another high-stakes operation with crazy amounts of action, whoever they are against. We’ll just have to buckle up and enjoy the trip since there’s really no telling where this story could take us.

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