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Fast And Furious 9: Release Postponed Due To Coronavirus Outbreak


David Mudd

Introduction (F9)

I mean what worse could happen in your life when you’re about to have that favorite chocolate of yours and it just slips out of your hand. Feels like tearing apart the universe or just screaming at the next person you meet (poor thing!).

Fast And Furious 9

Well, that can happen if you won’t able to process the next piece of information I am about to give you. So, are you ready? Brace yourself.  The much much anticipated Fast and Furious 9 that was about to take you literally in a roller coaster ride is going to be delayed for sometime it seems.

Why? I mean do you need to think about it? Malls are empty, events are called off, flights grounded, economy down, even international borders closed. People are scared off looking at each other, even not touching each other.

It’s that pandemic Coronavirus which has become now “stirring headache ” as it is messing up with every aspect of our lives globally. It takes almost 10 to 15mins to even call someone without listening to that tedious lecture of the dos and don’ts in this season of Corona.

Latest Update (F9)

Fast And Furious 9

April 2021!! I mean what?! It’s not one or two months that we have to wait to see Dom and Letty teaming up with the rest of the them and kicking some ass along with debutante villain John Cena but it’s a wait for more than a year.

The original release date for the movie was slated for May 22nd but according to recent update, we will see them again next year on 2nd April, 2021.

The announcement stops short of specifically stating Coronavirus as the reason, but concern for “safety of everyone” pretty much says it all. There is no mention of possible post-production delays that could also factor into the decision.

Fast 9, An Overview 

Fast and Furious 9


The trailer of Fast 9 created a lot of anticipations and expectations in the minds of fans. We were literally blown off with the larger than life storyline. Intense action, car stunts, a Mustang hanging off from a cliff beneath a jet with power packed action scenes just rose the temperature. And seeing some of the new and familiar faces was like cherry on top of the cake.

Well, we shall have to wait for one more year to witness such over the top action. So keep hanging. Dom will sure be back!