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Fargo Season 4: Is The Long Awaited Season Put On Hold? See All The Latest Updates And Information

Fargo: FX Pushing Season 4 Premiere Date Due To Production Shutdown Over Coronavirus Pandemic

About Fargo

Fargo, the American compendium TV show is coming back with a bang this year! Marking its fourth season, the dramedy last appeared in 2017.

Fans have, as a matter of fact, waited too long for its apparent renewal.

Fargo is an adaptation of the 1996 movie with the same name. The Tv series follows a different storyline every season.

A black comedy slash crime slash drama series, Fargo, created by Noah Hawley is based on a story by Joel and Ethan Coe.


The series has won a handful of awards, including the Golden Globe! It was ranked as the Best Mini-series with Billy Bob winning the Best Actor Award, hands down!

And although right after season 3, Noah went about saying this was the end of the show, for they weren’t planning on increasing further storylines.

But on second thought, this was exactly what he had said after Season 1 was done and dusted one.


But then, due to the life-threatening, Complacence-wrecking Coronavirus, production isn’t able to proceed.

It was originally supposed to air on the 19th of April, but now a new premiere date would be announced, only after which it will air.

What To Expect

Fargo, the story, is set in Missouri, during the 50s era where two crime families have decided to do suspension of hostilities, a ceasefire.

One of the families are African-American, while the other one’s Italian.

The Afro-American family, however, consists of the head who has a very controversial relationship with the Kansas City mafia.

The cast is a pretty renowned one, with names like Chris Rock, Jessie Buckley, Ben Whishaw, Jason Schwartzman and Timothy Olyphant.

So anyway, to keep matters at ease, both the families decide to trade their youngest sons. Right during this time, the head of the Italian family dies. What proceeds would be one hell of a watch!


Fargo is just one of the TV series to be suspended in this course of time. Imagine how many thrillers and comedies and adventure series we are a major fan of, whose production and background work and yet to be finished.

*sigh* All’s well that ends well! Let’s hope for a brighter time post lockdown. AMEN.

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