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Far Cry 6: All The Updates, Leaks And Rumours So Far

Ubisoft has so much coming up and it has us excited. With its project Assassins Creed Valhalla, there is more to it. Far Cry 6 is also under development. So it will also come to us soon.

Shortly, we’re going to get two new games and it is going to be interesting. These games are by Ubisoft so they are sure going to exceed our expectations. But other than that, there is also so much about the game to be released.

We don’t know much about Far Cry 6 as of yet. But the franchise has performed amazingly well so the fact that this game is getting so much hype isn’t shocking.

So read on to find out whatever that we know of the game.

Far Cry

What Do We Know About The Release?

Now there isn’t much that we know about this release. We only know that the game is getting developed. But we don’t have any official or unofficial release date. With that, we only have rumors about how it might be.

Of what we know, the release isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The release will take a lot of time to happen as of now. So we might not get it anytime soon. Also, the coronavirus pandemic will further delay the work.

There is too much on the plate for Ubisoft. And we are more likely to get Splinter Cell before anything. Other than that, we’ll be getting Assassins Creed Valhalla. And then there is a chance for this game to hit us.

So the list is long and so is the wait. But it will surely be worth it.

Vaas Might Just Return (Far Cry)

Those who are acquainted well with the franchise would know Vaas. He is the best villain in the series so far. So this franchise must have him back. And the role he will play will be equally iconic. This villain has been very crucial to the franchise.

Without it, there isn’t much hype in the series. Knowingly or unknowingly, this person has become a core part of the franchise. And with each franchise, his role continues to transform into something even more pivotal.

The makers have also time and again teased about reprising his role in the series. So that is something that will happen most probably. Let us look out for that.

More Leaks About The Gameplay

Far Cry

Since there isn’t much that we know about the game, people have come up with their theories. Some have presented some leaks about the gameplay in the game. So there is something very vague about what Ubisoft is going to present us with.

The game is expected to explore something completely different as opposed to the other games. The developers have time and again looked onto their audience to find out what they like.

And they will surely be incorporating that. So stay tuned until we know further about the game.

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