Far Cry 5 Cheats: Unlock Rare In-Game Trophies


David Mudd

Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft’s First-Person Shooter game released in 2018. Since the release, the game has received multiple big updates, but still, it’s nearly perfect.

Now, 2020 is about to over; new games have emerged in the market to give Far Cry 5 a tough fight. As for the game, even after more than 2 years, you can have fun anytime you start playing it on your gaming console.

If you want to enjoy the game more than it already is, it’s time for you to try Far Cry 5 Cheats to unlock rare in-game trophies.

6 Far Cry 5 Cheats to Unlock Rare Trophies

“Ace Killer” trophy

"Ace Killer" trophy
“Ace Killer” trophy

Open the map & there you’ll see a green icon. Well, that’s a boat shop or hanger. You need to get there & get a seaplane with a machine gun. Once you reach there, the Carmina plane will unlock automatically because of the “Air Raid” story mission in John’s region.

Once again, spawn a plane only to destroy it using the machine gun of your plane. You can use the machine gun by pressing the R2 button. Now that there’s no need to fly, keep the plane parked on the ground.

To unlock the Ace Killer trophy, you need to continue doing this in a loop. Stop doing it once you’ve unlocked the trophy.

“Fertilizing The Land” trophy.

"Fertilizing The Land" trophy.
“Fertilizing The Land” trophy.

“Fertilizing the Land” trophy is the second Far Cry 5 Cheat on the list. Here, first, you’ve to go to Faith’s region & find a tractor in the “Nolan’s Fly Shop” outpost. Then use it to run over the enemies to get the “Fertilizing The Land” Trophy.

But getting that kills isn’t an easy task. They’ll shoot right back at you. Set the difficulty level to easy & use available medkits to heal yourself from enemy shootings. In any of the difficulty levels, you’ve to eliminate a total of 5 enemies.

Don’t get confused by trying to kill all at once. Once you’ve captured the outpost, go to the pause menu & click on the “Output Master” button to reset everything.

Note: This will only work if you’ve captured all the outposts.

“Ignoble Beasts” trophy

"Ignoble Beasts" trophy
“Ignoble Beasts” trophy

“Ignoble Beasts” trophy is the 3rd entrant in the Far Cry 5 Cheats list. To unlock this trophy, you need to go to the bison hunting spot in Faith’s region. Before you go there, make sure you’ve brought a melee weapon with you as you may find bison in the general area.

Now, the easiest way for you to unlock the Ignoble Beast trophy is by consuming “The Furious” homeopathic from the utility wheel. Once consumed, you’ll notice a sudden boost in the damage done by Melee Weapon. Now, using the boosted weapon, you can easily kill bison with a single hit.

Before trying to kill the bison, make sure you’ve set the difficulty level to easy. In the melee weapons, a metal pipe takes 17 strikes to kill off a bison. Remember, even after getting a boosted melee weapon, use a  proper strategy to kill a bison as they move quite a lot.

“Death From Above” trophy

"Death From Above" trophy
“Death From Above” trophy

Easy “Death From Above” trophy is the 5th Far Cry 5 Cheat in this list. Here first few moves are quite similar to that of the first far cry 5 cheats. Repeat everything up until the unlocking of the Carmina Plane. Now, that you’ve got a plane, fly it over to any garage & park it there. Garages are visible with a green icon on the map.

Then, in the garage, get four quads and place them around the plane. Finally, get into the plane by staying in the same parked position. That’s it. Drop the bomb to get unlock the “Death From Above” trophy. This will blow up the plane along with 4 vehicles. The plus point of doing all this is that there’s no need for you to fly the plane.

“Explosive Surprise” trophy

"Explosive Surprise" trophy
“Explosive Surprise” trophy

“Explosive Surprise” trophy is the 4th entrant in the Far Cry 5 Cheats list. Here, first, you’ve to use seven perk points to unlock the “Saboteur” perk in the game. Once done, go near a fast travel point in hostile territory, stand on the road to wait for the enemy’s car.

In the game, you can go to any fast travel point. Everywhere this works the same. Within a few seconds of your waiting period, you’ll see an enemy car approaching you.

That’s it. Don’t wait for anything. Shoot the driver as soon as the vehicle stops. Now, head over to the driver’s door to hold the square & sabotage the hood of the car. During this time, the enemies can’t hit you as you’re standing on the other side of the hood.

The sabotage takes a few seconds to complete & once it’s done, crouch around the car. If you crouch, the enemy will stay behind the car.

So, make sure the enemy stays nearby as the car explodes in 10 seconds. After killing the enemy, open the map & travel to the fastest travel point again. Like always, do all this in a loop to unlock the “Explosive Surprise” trophy.

“Ghost Kill” trophy

"Ghost Kill" trophy
“Ghost Kill” trophy

“Ghost Kill” trophy is the 6th entrant in the Fart Cry 5 Cheats list. Out of all 6 trophies listed here, this one’s the hardest to unlock.

Here first you need to equip AR-CL with a “Marksman Adv-X Scope”. Now, the question that pops into our head is – How to get it? Well, if you’ve played the game before, you would know about this. It’s a weapon that’s frequently dropped by the enemies.

Once you’ve collected the AR-CL weapon, it’s automatically added to the “Sniper Rifle” section at every store along with a scope costing around $1600 (in-game currency).

Once this is done, head over to the “Sacred Skies Youth Camp” outpost in Faith’s region. Reach over to the place as soon as possible. After reaching the destination, Zoom in the scope to kill the enemy with a headshot.

However, before you kill off your enemy, make sure the distance marked is at the supposed outpost. To be on the safer side, the distance marker should be more than 160+ meters.

Even after doing all this, you miss the shot, there’s no need to worry about anything as the enemy runs behind the mounted turret. Hence, making him an easy target.

Once you’ve captured the outpost, go to the pause many & click on “Outpost Master” to reset everything. The reset feature works only after you capture all the remaining posts. That’s it. Now, you’ve unlocked the “Ghost Kill” trophy in the Far Cry 5 video game.

Final Words

That’s all for now. Unlike other games of the same genre, Far Cry 5 offers different types of cheats. The best thing with Far Cry 5 is that there’s no easy way out for gamers.

It’s not like entering a particular code & voila, cheat activated. That’s not at all possible with Far Cry 5. In order to unlock a cheat, you need to work on it. You need to complete some tasks.

And once all that is done, Far Cry 5 Cheats are unlocked automatically. That’s all for now. What do you think of these 5 Far Cry 5 Cheats to unlock in-game trophies? Have you unlocked any of these trophies for yourself?

Do share your experience with us in the comments section given below. And if you’ve already done all this, you can play any popular games on your PC or Gaming Console.