Fantastic Beasts 4 Cast: Warner Bros. Announced the New Cast, Check it Out!



Warner Bros has released some unexpected movies in the last few years and Fantastic Beasts still topped the chart. The prequel to the Harry Potter series has been appreciated by the audience for a long time. Although, the movie doesn’t feature the same characters as the Harry Potter series because it features the story of the time that was years ago from the actual incidents. Fans who have already watched the film know the events of the movie. Currently, Fantastic Beasts has released its third movie and everyone is hoping to see Fantastic Beast 4.

In 2022, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was released and it marked the lowest earrings of all time. Out of all the movies that were released, the third part managed to gross $405 Million only. This brings huge questions to the release of the fourth part.

There has been huge speculation regarding the fourth part since the original idea behind the production of the film was already confirmed by the officials. But Warner Bros. is already working on multiple projects and this can ultimately lead to the cancellation of many big films.

The fans of the film series are already wondering about the film. In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about the fourth film. If you are one of those people who is waiting for Fantastic Beasts 4 to release then this article will help you. Continue reading the article to find out everything.

Fantastic Beasts 4 Cast: Who will be in it?

Fantastic Beasts 4 Cast As the fourth movie is not been officially announced, the cast of the film has not been confirmed yet. Looking at the third part, we will surely going to see all those characters that survived in the film. So, one can expect the return of the following characters in the movie. 

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  • Eddie Redmayne will be back as Newt Scamander
  • Jude Law will be back as Albus Dumbledore
  • Mads Mikkelsen will be back as Gellert Grindelwald
  • Dan Fogler will be back as Jacob Kowalski
  • Alison Sudol will be back as Queenie Goldstein
  • Callum Turner will be back as Theseus Scamander
  • Jessica Williams will be back as Professor Eulalie “Lally” Hicks
  • William Nadylam will be back as Yusuf Kama
  • Victoria Yeates will be back as Bunty Broadacre

Along with this, there is huge speculation about whether Ezra Miller’s Credence Barebone is coming back or not. The third movie concluded he be Dumbledore however, it turned out that he was Aberforth’s (Richard Coyle) son and not Albus’s brother. There is no confirmation whether the character will be ruled out in the upcoming film or not.

But in the third part, we see that he is slowly dying because of Obscurus. Even though Aberforth takes him back the home, we can imagine that he will be dying soon. If the characters come out with some technique to cure it, then there is a chance to see him back. 

Along with him, we saw that Katherine Waterston appeared as Tina Goldstein in the movie. In the starting two films, she has major roles to fulfill. However, her screen time was relatively small in the third part. 

We are confident that she will be there in the upcoming art as she is one of the major characters to play a huge role. Along with this, she is currently working at the American Auror office which is keeping her “very busy”. We don’t know what the future holds for her but we are confirmed that the film will be an important task for her to fulfill. 

The fans of Harry Potter were shocked to hear about the death of Robbie Coltrane, the person who is most loved by the audience and appeared as Hagrid in the movie. However, there is a chance for the audience to meet the young Hagrid in the film. Since the movie follows the early days of all the incidents that ultimately ruled Harry potter, we might expect some harry potter favorites to be in it. 

David Yates, the director of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, who was also behind the lenses of the last four films of the Harry Potter series confirmed this one of the possibilities for the fans to look for.

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Along with this, the fans were disappointed when officials removed Johnny Depp from the main cast after the news regarding him spread across the world, Warner Bros. confirmed that he won’t be getting in the movie. But as the latest happening regarding him and Amber Heard was made public and with all the allegations going around and Johnny Depp won the case, can he return? Well, there is no chance for Johnny Depp to be in the film because he has already confirmed this earlier.

One person wrote, ”This film is excellent and it’s even better than its 2 predecessors. Please ignore any bad reviews. It is a shame that Johnny Depp couldn’t reprise his role as the notorious Gellert Grindelwald due to Aquaman’s girlfriend being a diabolical liar however Mads Mikkelsen plays the part exceptionally well. If you remember in the first film Colin Farrell played the majority of Grindelwald scenes until Newt “reveals” him as Johnny Depp right at the end therefore another change of actor in this third installment doesn’t feel so bad especially when the part has been played so well by all 3 actors”

Along with this, there might be some additional characters in the film. The officials have not confirmed anything regarding the matter but we are looking forward to it. 

How Fans Reacted to the News?

Fantastic Beasts 4 Cast updates

The characters of the film have always been inspiring for the fans. As the officials have not yet confirmed whether they will be moving ahead with the film, there is some source of assurance regarding it. 

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One fan wrote, “In my opinion, this movie is much MUCH better than Crimes of Grindelwald. I know a lot of people don’t like the Fantastic Beasts movies, and it’s very clear to see why. People say they don’t capture the magic or the soul that made the Harry Potter movies good, and they don’t have any memorable characters. However, as someone who likes the Wizarding World franchise, this movie isn’t all that bad.”

Another said, “I think this is quite good! A lot of what made Crimes of Grindelwald not a worthy sequel to Where to Find Them was how much it was setting up for the next movies rather than telling its own story. Not that there isn’t anything to like about CoG from a technical perspective; that movie has stunning visuals, music, cinematography, acting, and special effects. All of what made Crimes of Grindelwald amazing from a filmmaking/technical perspective is present in Secrets of Dumbledore.”

Is there any official trailer to watch?

As of now, Fantastic Beasts 4 is not officially confirmed. Fans are already hoping the movie will get released in the coming years but as of now, the officials have not confirmed anything. If you are one of those people who have not watched the third part of the film then here is the official trailer of Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore.

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