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Falsa Identidad Season 2: Watch Netflix Crime Drama!


David Mudd

Waiting to watch Falsa Identidad or False Identity crime drama which originally came on Telemundo Network. Wants to be involved in the series and craving for more episodes of Falsa Identidad which released its first episode back in 2018.

This American drama is created by Perla Farias and written by Sergio Mendoza. Telemundo Global Studios is the production company behind this crime drama which is produced by Paty Benitez.

The story revolves around the two strangers who come together and get married to leave their enemies and their terrifying past behind and start their new journey with a new face or identity in Nebraska but unfortunately they have to go back to save their loved ones by letting their lives in danger.

Let’s move forward to read the article till the end to know everything about season 2 of False Identity. The series is amazing to watch as it received lots of love from the users and it collects positive reviews towards the story or the whole series.

Falsa Identidad Season 2

Some of the fans are saying that this is a suspense-creating mystery crime show whose each episode is interesting and when we look forward to watching each episode the craze for the new episode is on the pace of increasing.

In this crime story you will see little romance, action, friendship, a lot of drama, and even guilt so this series is a full package of entertainment.

Some scenes are filled with emotions that leave you in a shock but are interesting to watch. The second season consists of 78 episodes in it which is more and a lot than other types of series.

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Falsa Identidad Season 2: Release Date

Falsa Identidad Season 2

This crime drama has already premiered on Telemundo website and on Netflix. Back in January 2019 the series was announced for season 2 but came on September 22, 2020 due to pandemic all over the world and concluded on January 25, 2021 by providing its audience and viewers 78 episodes in the second season.

The first season has 91 episodes in it which came back in 2018 and ended in January 2019.

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What is the Story of Falsa Identidad Season 2?

Falsa Identidad Series follows the story of the couple Diego and Isabel and their children. To live a happy life they changed their identities to give a better life for them and their family but it is difficult for Diego to accept his new way of living with new identity in Nebraska while Isabel managed to live with her new identity and to serve her family nicely.

But unfortunately they have to face their past again due to which they have to return to Mexico and are forced to perform their back-past duties like what they did in the past.

They have to protect their family from the enemies while saving the government from the enemies by letting their life in danger to provide a better life for others. You will also see many twists and turns in the series and how their life journey moves on with so many problems. So watch this drama on Netflix.

Who are the Cast Members of Falsa Identidad Season 2?

These are the cast members who contributed to this beautiful series.

Falsa Identidad Season 2

  • Diego Hidalgo or Oliver Dunn is played by Luis Ernesto Franco.
  • Isabel Fernandez or Lisa Dunn is played by Camila Sodi.
  • Irce Gaona by Samadhi Zendejas.
  • Mateo Corona by Eduardo Yanez.
  • Fernanda Orazco by Sonya.
  • Smith Ramona by Azela Robinson.
  • El Buitre by Marco de la.
  • O Felipa by Gabriela Roel.
  • Ignacio Salas by Alvaro Guerrero
  • Deivid by Pepe
  • Gamez Joselito by Uriel Del Toro.

There are many other actors and actresses who contributed to this series and all the cast are praised by the audience.

Is Falsa Identidad Renewed for Season 3?

Yet, no new season is released by the network or by the production after the conclusion of season 2. So, at the time of writing this article no season 3 is renewed of this thriller and crime drama Falsa Identidad.

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Falsa Identidad Season 2 Trailer?

Here is the trailer for Falsa Identidad Season 2 to remind you what has happened in the previous season.

Where to Watch Falsa Identidad Both Seasons?

You can currently stream this drama on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, Fubo Tv and free on Peacock.


Falsa Identidad is a worth watching series which received 7.3 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while scoring 4.5 out of 5 on facebook and got 4.6 out of 10 on Filmaffinity.

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